How to Write a Proper Email Introduction

How to Write a Proper Email Introduction

In three minutes flat.

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Have you ever stared blankly at your computer, summing up all of your courage and gusto to write an email introduction but can?t? The answer is yes. Don?t lie to yourself. I promise it happens to the best of us (see above).

Well, lucky for you, I put together a quick, foolproof guide on how to go about introducing two future besties (ahem, work partners).

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Subject Line

Keep it simple here. Start with ?Intro? or ?Introduction? followed by a colon and the two people?s names. Separate the names with a ?/? or ?<>? as follows:

Intro: Rick <> Morty

Including last names is generally redundant; they will figure out last names soon enough. The only caveat to doing so is if they both share the same name.

Intro: Rick Sanchez <> Rick Smith

If you are connecting the two people on the pretense of business, include their company names in parentheses as follows:

Intro: Rick (Meeseeks Enterprises) <> Morty (Cronenbergs Co.)


Body of the Email

Here?s the fun part. There are just 3 sections.

  1. Formalities.
  2. Introducing/describing each person.
  3. Saying why you?re introducing the two, and excusing yourself out of the conversation.

1. Formalities

Repeat after me:

Hope this email finds you both well!

2. Introductions

Next, follow this easy mad libs.

[Person 1], I?d like to put you in touch with [Person 2]. (S)He?s a [describe how you know him/her], [any affiliations], and [current role].

For example:

Rick, I?d like to put you in touch with Morty. He?s a good friend, fellow Cartoon University alum, and the current CEO of Meeseeks Enterprises.

For the second person, address them with a similar format as for the first person.

Morty, please meet Rick. I met him recently at the Warner Conference, and he?s the CEO of Cronenbergs Co.

3. Excusing Yourself

The goal here is to get out of the way!

I wanted to connect you two because [reason]. I hope you?re able to find time to meet and will let you both take it from here!

After that, just sign your name. Here?s a final draft, so you can see how it?s set up overall:

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It?s as simple as that! Do you have another way of going about making an introduction? If so, I?d love to hear your method in the responses below.

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