How to use green tea for healthy hair?

How to use green tea for healthy hair?

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Everyone desires healthy hair and spend a lot of money in maintaining healthy hair but few of us realise how what we consume can play a huge role in determining the quality and health of our hair.

Green tea is one beverage that can play a huge role in maintaining healthy hair. First let us look into why green tea is good for hair?

The benefits of green tea for hair are mainly due to the various nutrients and anti-oxidants present in it. One of them in Vitamin B (panthenol). Vitamin B is good for hair health as it helps in controlling split ends, softens the hair and strengthens hair roots (follicle). Drinking green tea as well as direct application of green tea to the hair helps in absorption of Vitamin B.

The panthenol present in green tea is also used in shampoos and conditioners. Green tea also has theanine, which is a unique amino acid which works along with panthenol to strengthen the hair.

Apart from Vitamin B, a specific catechin EGCG helps in promoting hair growth when green tea is applied to the roots. Green tea can play a significant role in hair elongation. Not only this, the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea are helpful in preventing hair loss and promote regeneration of hair. It is also helpful in fighting dandruff.

Caffeine present in green tea also prevents baldness by blocking DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) the hormone which is the main cause of baldness. The anti-oxidants present in green tea also inhibit baldness. Apart from that, the polyphenols and Vitamin C present in green tea help in preventing dullness while boosting the shine and softness hair. Hence, it helps in getting roughness and dullness of hair.

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How to use green tea for hair?

Using Green Tea Rinse

The best way to use green tea for hair is to prepare a hair rinse. This can be prepared the way green tea is prepared for drinking by using tea bags or tea leaves. It should be left for sometime to cool down.

Then the rinse should be applied on clean, damp hair. The tea should be allowed to penetrate into hair for at least 10 minutes. For additional shine, the rinse can be bottled up and sprayed on the hair later.

This can be done twice or thrice a week for a couple of months. This will also help in fighting dandruff. Green tea rinse also has cleansing properties.

Green tea rinse is hence used as an after shampoo conditioner.

Green tea with aloe vera

Aloe vera is another natural substance which is extremely good for hair and green tea can be used along with aloe vera to compound the benefits for hair and get good results.

To make the mixture to apply on hair, aloe vera can be blended with green tea rinse by putting them together in a mixture. The mixture can then be massaged into the hair from the scalp to the length of it. The hair can be completely covered with the mixture in order for it to show significant results. The mixture can be rinsed off after keeping it for 10 minutes.

Green tea with coconut oil

For this treatment, you can just mix coconut oil with green tea and massage it into your hair and scalp. Let it stay for at least half an hour to let it get absorbed properly. This treatment promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. It can be used twice a week to get best results. An egg can also be added to the mix for extra nourishment.

Green tea with lemon

Green tea rinse can also be mixed with lemon and coconut oil to make it an effective treatment against dandruff. It will treat dandruff and stimulate hair growth. This can be done twice or thrice a month for good results.

Green tea with honey

Honey is an excellent moisturiser which makes hair shiny. Hence, green tea can be mixed with green tea and coconut oil to get best results. Apart from making hair shiny, it will also prevent hair loss.

Drinking Green Tea

Drinking green tea regularly is another way to ensure healthy hair. Ensure that you make it a part of your routine and drink regularly for a couple of months in order to see significant changes and experiencing benefits.

Green Tea recipes

There are several recipes using green tea that one can experiment with. Matcha latte, green tea cookies, and green tea ice-cream are some of the options that are available.

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Where can I buy Green tea?

Only the best quality of green tea that is least processed should be applied to hair for the best results.

Teakruthi has Pure Ceylon Green Tea which is a very good option.

This blend is handpicked with care from the Nuwara Eliya Belt in the Pundalu Oya Valley, where high mountain winds produce high quality Dimbulla Tea. Dimbulla Tea is famous for its superior quality, and is frequently sought after by tea enthusiasts from around the world. The Pundalu Valley is known by many as the Golden Valley, where the climate and the fresh mountain air work together to nourish these beautiful, fine golden green tea plants. This high grown tea is rich and strong and flavor, appears yellow in the cup, and offers a sensational tasting experience.

They also have Mythical Green Tea.

It comes from Sri Lanka?s famous Nanu Oya region. History of the region dates back to the time of the popular Indian epic Ramayana. As the legend goes the Sri Lankan king, Ravana, kidnapped the princess, Sita, and hid her in caves in the surrounding area. Later, in 1896, the first tea seeds were planted in the Nanu Oya District. Since then, the superiority of teas grown on this single estate has set them far above the rest ? literally. At an elevation of between 1,402?1,950m, this high grown tea has spent its life on top of the world. The Mythical Green blend appears yellow in color, and boasts a mild, roasted flavor that will earn it a permanent place in your cup.

To know more about Ceylon Tea, read the complete guide to Ceylon Tea here.


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