How to update PHP version on Mac OS X

How to update PHP version on Mac OS X

This was written in 2018. Now, all the brew taps in this blog have been deprecated.

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Using Homebrew

First, make sure that your homebrew is up to date

brew update && brew upgrade

If you didn?t have homebrew, install it right away!

Using Brew Tap command allows Homebrew to tap into another repository of formula.

brew tap homebrew/dupesThese formulae were those that duplicated software provided by macOS.

brew tap homebrew/versionsThese formulae provided multiple versions of existing packages or newer versions of packages that were too incompatible to go in homebrew/core.

brew tap homebrew/homebrew-phpA centralized repository for PHP-related brews.

Checking php version using the following commands

php -v(same as php –version)

To unlink the last version

brew unlink php<<php_version>>[depends on the current version on your computer]

For instance, your current php version is 5.5brew unlink php55

To install the new version of php

brew install php<<php_version>>[If you need another version just change the version number]

If you need php 7.1brew install php71

then check php version again

php -v

If everything looks fine then congratulation! you?ve finished the php updated.

But If you find the following errorsError:Could not symlink file: /urs/local/Cellar/php…

you need to run the following commands

sudo chown -R$(whoami) /usr/local/* brew list | while read f; do brew unlink f; brew link $f; done brew unlink php<<current_php_version>> brew link –overwrite php<<new_php_version>>

check php version again

php -v

linked to the old version?

So open you .profile or .bash_profile like nano or vim

export PATH=/usr/local/php5/bin:$PATH

Source your file with source ~/.bash_profile or source ~/.profile(same as close and reopen your terminal).

Using one line install

curl -s | bash -s <<php.version>>


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