How To Unlock All The Snapchat Trophies

How To Unlock All The Snapchat Trophies

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So I?ve been using Snapchat for a while and I love it. Snapchat has found yet many ways to get us addicted, and one of my new favorites are the trophies. But how exactly do you unlock these trophies and what exactly do are they anyway? This is the question that set me on a mission to find out what all the trophies are and how to unlock them.

But before i go any further allow me to explain what ?Trophies actually are?

The Snapchat ?Trophy Case? feature allows users to win trophies for every major ? and not-so-major ? milestone they reach on Snapchat, from hitting a certain ?Snapchat score? to sending their first video snap.

You can access your trophy case by tapping the white ghost icon on Snapchat?s camera screen, and then clicking on the trophy at the top of the profile screen. You?ll see a collection of emoji-style icons: Some of the trophies may be unlocked (for instance, you may see ? or?), meaning you?ve completed the associated task. The awards that are still unlocked are aptly signaled by the? emoji. One item in the case may correspond to multiple trophies.

Here?s my trophy case, for example:

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So how do you fill up your case? Well, the difficulty is that ?there is no public list of trophies,? as Snapchat writes in its guidelines.

?The more you explore Snapchat, the more opportunities you?ll have to earn trophies. For example, if you reach a high enough Snapchat score, or send a certain number of stories from Discover, you might earn a trophy,? the guidelines explain.

It?s pretty vague, but that?s part of the fun: figuring out how to unlock them or chancing upon a new trophy while trying out one of Snapchat?s many filters and features.

I?ve compiled an unofficial list of Snapchat trophies, complete with instructions on how to unlock each achievement. Some of the tasks may seem pretty intuitive; others, however, are a little more obscure. The list appears to be exhaustive based on the number of trophies in the case, although Snapchat hasn?t stated how many trophies there are.

Here goes?

Snapchat Score Trophies:

? Baby: Your Snapchat score hit 100.

? Glowing star: Your score hit 500.

? Sparkles: Your score hit 1,000.

? Shooting star: Your score hit 10,000.

? Collision symbol: Your score hit 50,000.

? Rocket ship: Your score hit 100,000.

? Ghost: Your score hit 500,000.

Filter Trophies:

? Finger pointing up: Send a snap with a filter applied.

?? Peace sign: Send a snap with two filters applied.

? Panda: Send 50 snaps using the black and white filter.

?? Snowflake: Send a snap with the temperature filter showing it?s below freezing.

? Sun with face: Send a snap with the filter showing it?s above 100 F.

?Draw On Your Snaps? Trophies:

? Lollipop: Send a snap using five or more pen colors.

? Rainbow: Send 10 snaps using five or more pen colors.

? Palette: Send 50 snaps using five or more pen colors.

Video Trophies:

? Videocassette tape: Send a video snap.

? Old-school movie camera: Send 50 video snaps.

? Digital video camera: Send 500 video snaps.

? Monkey holding ears: Send a video snap without sound.

? Loop once: Flip the camera once in a video snap.

? Loop: Flip the camera five times in a video snap.

? Refresh icon: Flip the camera ten times in a video snap.

Other Trophies:

? Flashlight: Send 10 snaps with your front-facing flash on.

? Half-moon face: Send 50 snaps in night mode.

? Japanese ogre: Send 1,000 selfies.

? Magnifying glass: Send 10 photo snaps entirely zoomed in.

? Microscope: Send 10 video snaps using zoom.

? ABCD: Send 100 snaps with enlarged text font.

? Egg in a frying pan: Send a snap between 4 and 5 a.m.

New Trophies:

? Email: Verify your email address in Settings.

?? Telephone: Verify your phone number in Settings.

? Happy devil: Screenshot one snap.

? Sad devil: Screenshot 10 snaps.

? Red mask/Japanese goblin: Screenshot 50 snaps.

? Radio: Submit a snap to your Live/Local Story.

? Clapper board: Submit 10 snaps to your Live/Local story.

? Fax machine: Scan 5 snapcodes.

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