Triad of the faster way to fat loss program

Triad of the faster way to fat loss program

Faster Way To Fat Loss Negative Reviews

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If you are passionate about your Health & Fitness, and just come to know about fwtfl program, then this article is for you. This one will give you a bunk to think twice before starting it.

Faster way to fat loss program has grabbed the attention of thousands of people within the shortest time. Amanda Tress, the founder of the fwtfl program, is able to create a “buzz” with the new way of dieting and exercising. Seeing the prodigious result of this program, you want to give it a try!

In this article, I am not going to demotivate you. But, My intension is to put the concealed side divulge for making your journey a better one. Like the saying, “The best cloth may have a moth in it”, this program has some negative side too. Here, I come with some facts regarding the faster way to fat loss negative reviews. Actually, these reviews are on the basis of the personal experience of the program seer & some research works.

You take a quick turn to this article that means you are quite familiar with the following terms: Intermittent fasting, Carb Cycling, and Tracking Macros. This program mainly focuses on these 3 sectors, so I call them triad. But, you don?t need to worry If you are not accustomed to those words. I will give you some basic idea before describing their flaws.

Faster way to fat loss program reviews -Intermittent Fasting:

This program will provide you two schedules for each day, named eating window & fasting window schedule. There they suggested a 16/8 window -16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of feeding. If you are thinking about trying it yourself, you should go through this part. As I have come with eight potential drawbacks or side effects of it. These all will give you straight-up warnings about intermittent fasting.

#1-Interference with the social aspect of eating

Eating is a big part of our social activities. As, our entire celebration and special occasions revolve around food. This method of eating is very different from the typical daily eating patterns of most people. This will give you the very shortest time for eating. Imagine yourself in a crowd, where everyone except you eating, also sipping on beverages. This will make you awkwardly standing out from the crowd.

Most importantly, what about those late-night romantic dinners, home-made family suppers. Furthermore, birthday dinners, lunch meetings with your boss and co-workers. It will way to take your memorable moments.

#2-Getting Hungry! Low in energy & Unproductive

New study Weight-Loss Outcomes points out some facts. Researchers stated that IF participants experienced minor adverse physical ailments. These include feeling cold, constipation, headaches, lack of energy, bad temper, and lack of attention.” After ” practicing this method they feel like inactive. Again, resulting in getting a lack of motivation for doing any work.

They published another study in 2017, on the basis of the 12-week trial. There they found that IF did not appear to limit an individual?s ability to exercise. It was a short-term study so your exercise habits on Intermittent Fasting are still unclear.


Many people take the feasting periods as a chance to eat more foods than they really need. After a period of fasting, you are so hungry that your temptation goes wild at the sight of foods. The amount of calories you have lost by fasting, your feasting periods will undo all.

#4-Digestion Issues

People may experience digestion problems, when they eat large amounts of food in a short amount of time. These huge volumes of food translates to more time needed to digest. This condition will give additional stress to your GI tract, resulting in indigestion and bloating.

#5-Low Blood Sugar Issues

Generally, low blood sugar or hypoglycemia is a side effect of diabetes. But it can happen to non-diabetic too. Risk groups are people having thyroid diseases. Avoid of taking enough food or skipping meals triggers the hypoglycemia. That time they feel dizzy or have nausea or shaking.

# 6-It isn?t For Everyone!

It will be the best choice for you to avoid this type of fasting if you have any medical conditions. For instance, people who have diabetes need glucose throughout the day. If you feel nausea or feeling unhealthy all the time Intermittent fasting may not suitable for you. Then come to an eating disorder.if you have a previous history of it, I will suggest you to avoid intermittent fasting.

Some times people develop binge-eating mentality as they get a very short time for eating.

#7-Slower metabolism

It is not only overeating that makes your metabolism slower but also IF can do it. When your body goes into starvation mode, it begins to use your protein as a source of energy. It slowers your BMR, even if it is for 24 hours of fasting. And that has negative health implications in the long run!

#8- Potential Long-Term Health consequences (especially For Women!)

Intermittent fasting gives excessive restrictions on proteins & energy. As a result, you may suffer from a lack of nutrients, electrolyte abnormalities, & even fertility issues!

An animal study was published, regarding the body’s metabolism, impact on fertility, and all. There they stated, Intermittent fasting led to a decrease in body weight, blood glucose level & shockingly reduced ovary size. This also links to menstruation abnormity, fertility & early Menopause in women.

You can visit another study of their. They studied women who have normal weight & normal cycling. These women fasted three consecutive days of the mid follicular phases which affected the luteinizing hormone. But, This intermittent fasting did not interfere with follicle development or menstrual cycle length.

On the other hand, women eat less protein then man, the fasting women are even less. Low protein eating means less amino acids. Amino acids are highly required to activate estrogen receptors & produce IGF-1. This IGF-1 is necessary to stimulate the lining of the uterine wall to thicken. Which further helps to begin the reproductive cycle process. Since the estrogen receptors are found throughout the body so changing in estrogen balance will change your metabolic activity.

Although there is a lack of human studies on intermittent fasting’s effects on fertility. But, these limited studies result suggests that there may be similar effects on human females as well. So think twice before starting intermittent fasting. Who wants to put their reproductive health at stake & hormones get out of whack!

Faster way Fat loss program reviews -Carb Cycling :

The FWTFL has come with a specific lineup. They are low carbohydrate days, regular days, and low macro days. You can call it the secret sauce of this program. In fact, it turns your body into a fat-burning machine. But there are some downfalls too. Let’s go through them all :

Indeed, carbs are the main source of energy. So having the low carb, can be difficult to get through. Moreover, it can give you the feeling of being exhausted.

If your will power is low then it will difficult for you to stay on track with a low carb day.

If you do it improperly, carb cycling in your diet can lead to loss of muscle mass. As your muscle is made up of proteins and glycogen, a long-chain form of carbs.

Although you match up with low carb days, the high carb days even more difficult to remain in the track. That time you need to demonstrate self-control to keep from eating every carb in sight.

Alright, After reading all these, is this diet technique right for you and your weight loss goals? I will suggest you to consult an expert on the subject, before starting this.

Faster way to fat loss macros

It seems like you are going with the flow as everyone performing it these days -counting macros. That means you are keeping track of what you are eating by recording the grams of each macronutrient. You will get some benefit by doing this definitely. But are you really in need of this for ensuring that you are having a balanced-diet? Well, It actually depends, as there are some facts that should be considered before giving it a try.

#1-Doesn’t take into account food quality

Let me tell you the calorie in vs calorie out is a flawed philosophy. Especially then, when you are wanted to lose weight. For instance, the response to the body and nutrients, it receives from 50 calories of broccoli is vastly different than it receives from 50 calories of red licorice.

#2 ? Takes some time and effort

If you are already in trouble with meal preparation then this will add another step. In your busy lifestyle, it is way more difficult to count macros or recording it somewhere like in a journal or on a tool like MyFitnessPal.

#3 ? Can exacerbate and/or create disordered eating :

In this process, you have to pay vast attention to weighing, measuring, and recording macros. Some people have a H/O eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, and restrictive food intake. It will results in unhealthy, obsessive habits for people with this kind of history.

#4 ? Often reduces the variety of foods eaten

Once you find the track with your weighing recording, which takes time and thought previously, now may be saving time & energy. Also, it is easier for you to find your ?go-to? items and meals. So you don?t have to think and work as much at counting your macros. But, at the same time, it also eliminates a variety of your diet. You also unable to eat so much of one thing that you create may give food emotion issues.

#5-Can leads to social stress and alienates people from friends and family.

Who doesn’t want to hang out with friends & eat good foods in a restaurant? But you know what the restaurants always make sure about getting their 40-30-30 ratio. It might keep you away from going out with friends. If your family and friends are supportive then it is not a big issue. But some of the people found that when they change their eating pattern & pay close attention to it, others also do the same. It will bother you to explain and defend your actions all the time.

Learn more

Macrostax review

Before proceeding for macrotax review, you need to know, what exactly it is! Alright, The term ‘Macrostax ‘ goes with your online nutrition coach that specializes in helping you to reach your fitness goals. They understand how difficult it can be to track & prepare your meals to meet your macro goals. Making your life easier is their motto.

Now coming to the main point, is it really worth to relay on a macrostax? If you have experience of routinely visit a nutritionist in the past by paying a lot, then marostax is thousand times definitely worthy to you. They do all the hard work like counting calories and all for you.

If you bother about the price, then I will say their charge is significantly lower than one can expect.

Faster way to fat loss workouts :

Previously they just set a list of brief demonstration videos for each move. So it gives negatives feedback for some initial viewers. Now they have complete workout videos for each workout day along with live workout videos. But if you have napping children inside your home, it will be challenging for you. As they recommend you to use a bike, treadmill, elliptical, StairMaster, if you have it at home. If not, then suggest you go for a brisk work. But as they added new videos it really covers up.

In summary

Hopefully, this Faster Way To Fat Loss Negative Reviews, helps you to decide whether this program is for you or not. As you can see there are definitely some factors to consider that might steer you away from doing so. Knowing all these, if you still want to go for it, then there is no loss to give it a try. Here, is the faster way to fat loss portal.


Q: How much do FASTer way to fat loss coaches make?

A: It depends on how many clients they can gather. The coach will get approximately $200 per client’s registration. If he can bring other coaches, he will get an average of $1000 per referral. So the more the coaches can gather clients and refer coaches, the more they can make money.

Q: Is FASTer way to fat loss worth it?

A: After seeing the price tag of this program and all the activities included in this program, it may seem skeptical to you. But this way of fat loss really works. You will get amazing results if you follow all the instructions and do all things regularly.

Q: How much does FASTer way to fat loss cost?

A: You have to pay $199 for the first six weeks round. After finishing the round you can choose another round which will cost $140. Or you can get a VIP membership where you have to pay $99 on a monthly basis. Though the cost is a little high, it will amaze you by its result.

Q: Is macrostax worth it?

A: The answer is positive. Macrostax is the latest technology which works like an online nutrition coach. You need not go to a nutritionist to measure how many calories you need to burn. Macrostax will track the number of calories or nutrients you take every day. Following the tracking, you can easily achieve your fitness goal.

Q: What is Fast Track to Fat Loss?

A: Fast track to fat loss is a program based on changing your eating habits and fitness activities. It is more than a diet program. It defines how much you need to eat and what ingredients you should keep in your plate on a regular basis and how you should exercise. A coach will be there to guide you all through the way.

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