How To Submit Emotes to Twitch

Earlier we covered 5 Best places for Custom Twitch Emotes, How to Make Twitch Emotes and what makes a good emote in the blog. Today we are going to add that for your Twitch channel! Bear in mind that you need to have completed the affiliate on board process before adding the emotes.

Of source you need to have your custom emotes made in three different sizes so you can submit your emotes to Twitch and they need to follow the emote guidelines. The page you are actually looking for is quite hidden so i thought i could make finding the right place a lot easier.

Click here for the right page to submit your emotes

As always! We also got a visual guide for you folks that like watching instead of reading. I found a Guide made by Norgos. He has created a really good tutorial how to add emotes for your channel.


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