Why I Joined

Why I Joined

During the Lifebook Online process, you will be guided through 12 categories of life. Health & Fitness, Emotional Life, Social Life, Financial Life, and Career are examples of the categories. You can see all the categories here.

For every category, you will answer 4 simple but difficult to answer questions. What are your empowering believes around this category, what is your ideal vision, why do you want that and how will you achieve that?

That is it. This is basically the entire program. If you want, you can do this yourself. However, just because it is a simple structure, doesn?t mean it will be easy.

Every chapter started out as a struggle for me. I had to do some real hard soul searching. I had to re-write every chapter multiple times and probably will continue to do so in the future.

The biggest reason to take this program for me was to have some guidance. Writing a book about yourself is an immense task. John, Missy, and the community will guide you through this process.

During the program, they say it is fine to adopt visions of others if you agree with them. I started out by doing just that. You get an example file with the vision of John & Missy and also that of the community. By copying, combining and modifying those, you?ll get to start quickly. From there you can keep re-shaping and adding content yourself until you have your own vision.

Before starting this journey, I was in a phase of acting without a greater picture in mind. I just did things because I thought they were the right thing to do. I was moving, but not making any progress. I felt lost. There were many things I wanted to do and felt overwhelmed. As I was looking for something that could help me with this, I came across this course.

The Program Runs 2 Times a Year

I believe that you can only take this course 2 times a year. I was lucky that when I found out about the program, it started only in a week. For some, this will be a major disappointment. To have to wait a long time before being able to join the program.

The reason they do this is because of two things. John & Missy give a coaching call every week. Members can submit their questions regarding the categories of the week which will be answered in a Q&A. This will be recorded from a live stream, which you can join live if you are lucky with your time-zone.

I found that the first couple of coaching calls were really helpful because they provided support and guidance. The process starts off a bit intimidating and these calls can help you with that.

The second reason that the program only is available twice a year is that you start with a group. It is like a class. You start at the same time and you graduate at the same time. This will provide you with a group of thousands of others that are going through the same thing as you.

There is a Facebook group, you can join, in which you are able to ask questions, get feedback, and read the premises and visions of others. I normally don?t ask for a lot of feedback or help, but I felt like I could post it here. Everybody has their own struggles and demons. This group allowed for transparency. You could share the deepest thoughts and get feedback and/or sympathy in return.

What did it do for me?

In the intro chapter, you will be asked to fill in a self-assessment. This will go through each chapter, asking you various questions. ?Are you happy with how your body looks?, ?Do you have a financial strategy?, ?Do you have a clear vision for your quality of life?.

Image for postLifeBook Assesment

Pre LifeBook

Before I started, I had a score of 99. Which is apparently above average. I was happy with my life, but I felt everything I did could go to the next level. Mainly, I was lacking a vision. I didn?t have a workout routine, I never thought about my character and what even is a vision for ?Quality of Life??

Image for postLife Quotient before LifeBook

After LifeBook

As expected my score would go up after the six weeks because I took the time to think more about my vision. What has had the most impact on my life is that I had dozens of pages with quotes, knowledge, and stories, etc. laying around. LifeBook helped me to gather that info and compress it into one book. This is what made me get my life on track. I started developing my own philosophy, got excited and started writing more books that accompanied my LifeBook.

Because of the process, I realized multiple things I needed to work on. I was unhappy with some parts of my life. The main thing I focussed on at the beginning of LifeBook was my health. I did research regarding nutrition, developed a workout routine, started meal-prepping, adopted a skincare routine and quickly found results.

I was motivated during the day and managed to stay on track. In my mind, I developed a greater vision of what I wanted. Rather than just living day by day and only eating things that tasted well and were easy to prepare.

I have noticed in multiple categories great revelations. The emotional and character were things I rarely thought about. The relation chapters were difficult for me but necessary and the financial and quality of life were fun to do, and also really helpful.

Image for postLife Quotient after LifeBook

Knowledge is Potential Power

When I finished my LifeBook, I experienced an empty feeling. It was the one thing I was working very hard on for a long time. Once I finished I realized that we are never done learning. Life will continue to serve its challenges. I gained a lot of knowledge about myself, but I see knowledge as potential power. Execution will trump knowledge any day.

Now starts the hard part. It is time to chase that vision every day. You will need to break down that huge vision into foundational goals and those into actionable items. It is not about how great your writing was, or all the ideas you thought of. It is about executing those thoughts.

The Refund Option

John often proudly proclaims that their course has an 80% complete rate. Which is huge. Especially for a course of 6 weeks. Part of this is because of the refund option. The course will cost you 500 dollars, but if you fully complete the course, you will be eligible to get a refund. If you don?t go for the refund, you get the opportunity to go to the next course: ?LifeBook Mastery?. This will help you achieve your vision. This program will then cost 1 dollar instead of the full-price. I went for the refund option and received the money as expected.

Is this quest for you

I am truly grateful for the opportunity I had to take this course. What I think it can do for you is getting clear on who you are and what you want. It will make you think about things in your life, you never thought of. It will motivate you to take action. It will make you move in the right direction, not just in any direction.

This course is for you: if you have a lot of things you want to achieve but have no idea where to begin. If you are unhappy with your life. If you are stuck in a habit loop. If you want to take your life to the next level.

A good teacher will make you think that you found the answers yourself. This is what John Butcher achieved with me.


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