How to spy on Snapchat without having access to the phone?

How to spy on Snapchat without having access to the phone?

Spy on snapchat

Relationships have never been the same ever since social media came into the picture. Snapchat is one such popular app that people can?t get enough of nowadays. If your child is getting addicted to this app, then a child cell phone monitoring software is a practical step to take without having access to the phone.

Ways to spy on someone?s Snapchat account.

Social media apps like Snapchat are complicating relationships. Your loved ones are ignoring your actions or even your conversations to spend time on this app. It is natural to want to use Snapchat spy software to cut through the noise to get to the truth.

There are a few practical ways to spy on someone?s Snapchat account:-

1. Using a spoofing MAC

Though it is certainly not the easiest method to spy on Snapchat messages, it is quite useful. This method works on Whatsapp and can be used to similar effect on Snapchat too. Let?s take you through a step by step procedure of this method.

Android mobile

1. Get the target phone and quickly note down its MAC address.

2. In Android devices, you can find this by going to Settings > About Phone> Status > WiFi Mac address.

3. Once you have noted down the target phone?s Mac address, you can put it in your phone.

4. Now use Snapchat on your mobile using the target user?s number to create an account. There will be a verification code sent on the target mobile, and you can see the number there.

5. Once you have done that, you will get all their Snapchat data and mobile data.

iPhone mobile

1. Go to iPhone settings and find General Settings.

2. Click on About and find the WiFi address.

3. Note down the WiFi address and enter it as your mobile?s WiFi address.

4. Use Snapchat on your mobile with the target user?s login information, and their mobile will get the verification code. You need to see the number and enter it to start their Snapchat on your mobile.

2. Using a Spy App

Using mobile tracker apps has become a popular method in recent years. These are available at various price points to help you monitor the target cellular and its activities daily in a few simple steps.

A Reliable application for Snapchat spying without their phone

Spymaster Pro is the perfect Snapchat spy software to use on the target cell phone. It is compatible with the latest smart-phone and operating systems like Android 10 and iPhone 13. It is the easiest to use and most affordable too.

It has been running successfully for more than 7 years. The software is compatible with Android 10 and iOS 13. This is the perfect spy app to be used as cell phone monitoring software without target phone.

How can Spymaster Pro help you track Snapchat?

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Spymaster Pro is a leading tracking software to spy on Instagram, Snapchat, and all the social media platforms without any fuss. It has a long line of features that will allow you to get all the information you need from the target mobile.

Some of the primary features are:-

1. Social media tracking will allow you to track their daily activities in real-time.

2. Live screen-shots will let you take shots of their screen activity at regular intervals.

3. Multimedia file tracking will show you the pictures, videos, and other such files exchanged through the target mobile?s Snapchat.

Other features

4. GPS tracking will track the target mobile in real-time with additional information about the locations and the duration of their stay there.

5. Instant messaging tracking will monitor the conversations and their frequent contacts and contact details.

6. Browser history tracking will show you their entire online history on every browser, even if it has gotten deleted.

7. Installed app tracking will send their activities on all the installed apps throughout the day without any delay.

How to install Spymaster Pro to the device?

Spymaster Pro is the most accessible mobile tracker app to download on Android and iPhone. It will only take a few minutes to start using the monitoring software and start getting details of their daily activities. Read how to install the spy app below.


The steps to download Spymaster Pro in an Android mobile are:-

. Purchase the software from the ?Buy Now? section that is on the top right corner of the home page.

. You have to open the download link on the target phone.

. You will need the target phone for 5 minutes for software installation.

. The mobile should have enabled the ?Unknown sources? option in Security settings.


The steps to use Spymaster Pro on an iPhone are:-

. No jailbreak and installation are required to spy on iPhone.

. Purchase the software from the ?Buy Now? section on the top right corner of the home page.

. Open the control panel in any browser and enter the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone.


Snapchat is one of the most popular social media sites, with 210 million daily active users. It is a great way to stay connected to contacts all around the world, but its misuse is also rampant. It is a great idea to use a trusted Snapchat spy software on the target mobile. You will get the data about their activities to obtain proof of the activities you want without having access to the phone.

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