How to Spank a Woman to Orgasm

How to Spank a Woman to Orgasm

A delicious guide to orgasmic spanking

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I laid over my partner?s knee, and put my butt up a little higher. I hoped it looked good. I tried to imagine what he could see. My knickers were at my ankles, my butt in the air and my hair falling over my head to the floor.

This was my favorite position for spanking. It felt sexy and submissive. I liked to be at my partner?s mercy when I was being spanked. It was one of my favorite sexual experiences.

The one thing that surprised me about his spanking technique though, was the fact he didn?t count. He didn?t tell me how many spanks to expect. He just went ahead and hit me.

There was no gentle warm-up or a calming count throughout. Instead, each stinging slap would make my ass cheeks hurt and my pussy wet. As the pain increased, so would my wetness.

I had no idea why the pain turned me on as much as it did. It wasn?t something I had ever tried to explain, or even thought about. I knew spanking turned me on. That was it.

Dr. Rebecca Plante, an associate professor who wrote the study Sexual Spanking, the Self, and the Construction of Deviance in 2006, believes the answer in cultural, subcultural, and interpersonal sexual scripts.

?Cultural scripts relate to national ideologies and expectations, subcultural to those ideologies at the local level (or according to ethnic or religious group), and interpersonal to interactions you have with others.?

?These combine to form intrapsychic scripts, the sociological blueprints that shape our sexual interests, which ultimately answer the who, what, where, when, why, and how of one?s sexuality and sexual practices?.

So, to simplify, I am turned on by spanking due to the interactions and experiences I have had throughout my life. As well as the national expectations and ideologies of my culture.

Now, I have a deeper insight, let?s talk about the technique. Why does my partner get spanking so right? What does he do, which makes me go wild? Here?s a short guide to the art of spanking.


Spank hard. Show no mercy. There?s no point in a droopy, meek spank. It?s like a weak handshake. No one trusts them. So think quality with a short sharp spank. Plus, I prefer hands. No cane style equipment or whips necessary.


Then comes the gentle moment. After two or three spanks, I have succumbed to the burning pain. Do I expect a little tenderness? No, I do not. But, does it turn me on? Yes, indeed. I love a gentle caress to soothe the raw skin, and relax my mind for a moment.


During this tender moment, if you brush against my pussy lips ever so slightly, then wow. You have just improved your technique in a milasecond. The feeling is out of this world. Imagine the sensations: stinging pain, soft stroking, and a sudden shot of teasing pleasure. Perfection.


You can now proceed. Let?s do all of that again. And again. Repeat, repeat. By tuning in to your partner?s sounds, and movements, you will know when it?s time to take it to the next level. If they move away or start to protest, you know they?ve had enough spanking and teasing.


Now the magic fingers come into play. This time when you tease the pussy lips, go ahead and enter inside. It should be super wet in there. And by this point, your partner will be aching for your touch.


Let the orgasm roll through them as your finger and rub their clit gently. All the best sensations are rocking through their body right now. All you have to do is enjoy. You have achieved the ultimate spanking technique.

You?re a spanking superhero! Follow this short guide for quick success, and many awards in spanking. Relish in your new-found skills and the pleasure you have delivered so deliciously to your partner. Well done you.

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