How To Reset FireStick Without Remote Or WiFi? Find Lost Firestick Remote

How To Reset FireStick Without Remote Or WiFi? Find Lost Firestick Remote

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How To Perform the Firestick Resetting Task without Remote or WiFi?

Firestick users quite often ask for resetting without remote- or WiFi, which is quite obviously very much possible to do. This situation may happen when the Firestick user encounters remote not working issues as well as they cannot connect to the WiFi too. Well, the good thing is that there are some other possible ways to reset the Firestick instead of a remote or WiFi. Hence, the more specific details about resetting Firestick without remote or WiFi are as discussed below.

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What are Best Ways to Reset Firestick without Remote or WiFi?

You may wonder about how to reset Firestick without remote or WiFi and wanted to know the solutions for it. Hence, the best possible methods to reset Firestick without remote or WiFi are as discussed below:

USB mouse

You can simply use a USB mouse or an Ethernet cable, whenever you are unable to reset with remote or WiFi

At the time your connect a USB mouse or a cable, you can go to settings then to reset the Firestick

Firestick remote app

You can use a virtual remote to reset the Firestick, for which you have to download the app first

Once Firestick remote app is downloaded run the installation first

Now you can use this digital remote to control Firestick and perform resetting

Third party app

You can use some third party app in your system for resetting the Firestick

You need to plug-in the Firestick power cable to your systems USB port for performing reset task

Factory default reset

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Switch on Firestick and go to the settings

Next, go to system option by scrolling down the list

Then find Reset to Factory Default and tap on it

Now a notification will appear stating that you are about to reset the Firestick

Tap on the reset button and wait for process to finish

At last, reset successfully notification will appear on the screen

What are the reasons for resetting the Firestick?

As by now you already knew the solution for reset Firestick without remote or WiFi, but you ever wonder why resetting need occur in the first place. Several situations causing the need to reset Firestick are as discussed below:

Firestick Black Screen

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Whenever there is internet connectivity issue, it causes the black screen error in the Firestick

Hence, you need to reset the Firestick to re-establish a proper connection

Firestick Reboots

Whenever rebooting issue occurs in the Firestick, you need to reset it

Firestick TV Shows Black Screen

Fire TV sometime shows black screen while restarting the device

Hence you need to reset Firestick to resolve this issue

Streaming Problem

Streaming issue specially causes the need to perform Firestick resetting task

Firestick is Frozen

Firestick sometimes freezes, which can be fixed by restarting the device

If restarting device doesn?t work, you have to reset Firestick

Therefore, all significant details related to the resetting of Firestick without remote or WiFi are discussed above. In case you are unable to perform the Firestick resetting task with the help of solutions explained above, kindly contact a technical representative from the Firestick support team to get help.


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