Chuck Berry: Biography & Net Worth

Chuck Berry: Biography & Net Worth

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Charles Edward Anderson, popular known by his fans as Chuck Berry, was born in October 18, 1926 in Louis, Missouri, United States. He is one of the re-known American guitarist who helped pioneered rock and roll music. He doubles up as a singer and songwriter, who came up with most famous and sizzling lyrics of all times. He is best remembered for his undying efforts to redefine and develop rhythm and blues into major elements in the music industry. His efforts helped to make rock and roll to be a distinctive music genre.

Until his tragic death in March 18, 2017, Chuck Berry was estimated to have a net worth of approximately $20 million. Most of his wealth was as a result of concerts, tours and royalties for his music. Berry also earned a substantial amount of money from his real estate investments. Berry earned a lot of money from his music career and was expected to be super rich. He was involved with some controversies which greatly reduced his wealth. He spent a lot of millions to settle a lawsuit where some women took him to court with allegations that the rock star was spying on them in the bathroom. He was also arrested for drugs and for child abuse, which greatly pulled him down financially.

Being a grandchild of American slaves, Berry spent his childhood in St. Louis which was then a highly segregated city. He grew up in The Ville which is a middle-class black community suburb in Nothern St. Louis. A fourth born in a family of six, Berry showed immense interest in carpentry ever since he was a boy. He went to Summer High school where he got a chance to participate in the annual talent show. He sang the song ?Confessin? the Blues? which the school administration admitted that it was an outstanding performance. This set the ball rolling for his music career as he started guitar lessons immediately with Jazz legend Ira Harris.

Berry?s life took a drastic turn when he lost interest in studies, that led him to drop out of school at age of 17. He ended up robbing a bakery, clothing store and even stole a car with his high school friend and they were arrested. They were slapped with 10 years jail term despite being minors. Berry was released on October 18, 1947 on grounds of portraying good behavior.

Charles Edward Anderson got married to Themetta Suggs in 1948 where they were blessed with four children. He also went back to his guitar and started seeking for a recording deal to enhance his music career. He went through thin and thick in his music journey. His music career led him to win various prestigious music awards. He received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1985 and later in the year, he became the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?s First Inductee.

Nicknamed , The Father of Rock and Roll,Chuck Berry died on March 18, 2017 at the age of 90. He leaves behind a great music legacy and songs that will rule the airwaves for a long time.


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