How to Play with Boobs

How to Play with Boobs

Because it?s not as obvious as it seems

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Here?s a weird thing about my sexual history. No one used to touch my tits.

I had hookups, one-night stands, fuck friends, and a few boyfriends. I fooled around with all of them. I fucked most of them. But none of them ever slipped a hand up my shirt or tried to take my top off.

Part of it is that we were teenagers and usually messing around with questionable privacy. We were in bedrooms that didn?t lock at crowded parties, or someone?s mom was somewhere in the house, or we were in a train car around sleeping passengers.

But the other part of it is that I was self-conscious about my body. Keeping my shirt on didn?t feel like a problem to me. It never occurred to me to take it off.

So, aside from the occasional hand grazing the side of tit during an intense makeout session, none of the guys I fucked ever touched my breasts.

I didn?t really think that was weird until I met Jake Austin.

The first time I fucked my future husband, he undressed me, and it felt fucking weird.

It was a completely new experience. Given the way I?d fucked before, I had not expected him to pull my shirt off or unclasp my bra.

I remember being filled with panicked thoughts.

Oh my God, he?s taking off all my clothes!

No one?s ever seen me naked before.

Should I ask him to turn off the lights?

No, don?t. He?ll think you?re a prude.

At least he?s leaving my socks on.

I tried to appreciate the fact that he wanted to look at me. I tried to feel attractive. It didn?t work, though. I just felt exposed and embarrassed.

But I tried to play it cool. He was older and so much more confident and comfortable than I was. I wanted to impress him, and in that moment keeping my shirt on to fuck seemed a little immature.

Since then, almost everyone I?ve been with has played with my tits. And that?s good because I was missing out on some nice and pleasurable sensations. Getting felt up is a good way to get me aroused when I?m not ready for more direct sexual stimulation. Nipple play can also contribute to my orgasms.

I even started playing with my own breasts ? in a casual way, not an erotic way. It?s a pleasant and stimulating thing to do. Stroking them or holding them is just pleasurable and comforting.

If you?re having sex with someone who has tits, you should make sure to incorporate them in your foreplay and to keep giving them a bit of attention once the action has started. Here are some things to keep in mind when you do.

Start by Teasing

Anticipation is huge for me, so I love when my breasts are teased and touched gently at first.

When I?m still clothed, a stroke over the shirt or a very soft grip when I?m getting fondled work really well.

Once my tits are out, I prefer fingertips lightly tracing all over them.

Don?t start things off with a hard grope. When she?s more aroused, you can be a little more firm with your touch, but that?s something you?ll work up to.

Touch Her Whole Boob

The nipple is definitely the star of the show here. That?s where stimulation really counts. It gives a sharper, more pronounced sensation, like a bundle of nerves being stimulated directly.

But that doesn?t mean you should ignore the rest of her boob. There are nerve endings throughout, and it still feels really good when it?s touched. Caressing the rest of the flesh, grabbing it, or kissing can feel more intimate and passionate than just going for the nipple and stimulating it non-stop.

Going at it non-stop can be a problem in itself. When my husband goes too hard and too fast on my nipples, they start to get less sensitive. They go a bit numb from overstimulation and I can?t get as much enjoyment out of his touch or his tongue. So, that?s another reason to play with the rest of the breast ? it?s a great way to give the nipple a break.

Lick Your Fingers

I love playing with my boobs in the bath. Using soap and jelly bath bombs from Lush gives my solo breast play a really nice extra sensory component.

It?s the same when someone else touches my tits. I much prefer when there?s some kind of lubrication.

The difference is very noticeable. When my husband licks his fingers before touching my nipples again, the feeling is more intense. It?s just like anything else: lube will enhance the sensations, make it feel better, and help your fingers glide smoothly.

Use Your Mouth, Too

Your mouth comes prelubricated, so it already has that advantage.

Everyone?s preference is different here. Mine shifts. Sometimes, I prefer a mouth and a tongue, but usually I?m more into fingers and hands. My favorite thing, though, is variety, so ideally I?d get some of both.

The nice thing about your mouth is that it can do things your hands can?t, so take advantage of that. The tongue muscles work on a nipple differently than fingers do. Flick your tongue against it. Kiss every part of her breast. And suck on them gently if she?s into it.

Don?t Treat Them Like Bags of Sand

Boobs aren?t bags of sand, so don?t go too rough on them (unless she?s into that kind of thing).

Most women have a limit when it comes to how much their breasts and nipples can handle. It?s very much a person to person thing, so you?ll have to check with her to see if she?s a light feathery touch type of lady or a nipple clamps kind of gal.

That being said, I do enjoy a nice tug on my nipples when things get going. And a gentle pinch or twist can feel really fucking good, especially when I?m about to come. You can check in with your partner to see if she wants a little more roughness once she?s fully aroused.

Treat the Nipple Like a Clit

A lot of the basic moves that work on a clit will also work well on the nipple. (If you?re not sure what to do with a clit, you?re starting with the wrong article ? master that skill first!)

Stroking the nipple, circling your fingers or tongue around it, varying the pressure and speed, giving it the occasional gentle little pinch (more for the clitoral hood than the clit itself, but you get it), and indirect stimulation (in the case of the nipple, that would be the areola) all work well.

And just like you shouldn?t focus on just the clit (you need to pay attention to the labia, too), you should make sure to keep going back to the other parts of her breasts.

Blow Softly

After licking the nipples and getting them wet, you can blow on them softly to create a cooling sensation.

Not everyone?s into this. My reaction ranges from a little bit of surprised titillation to complete indifference. But if she enjoys it, it can be a way to introduce some simple and brief temperature play. It can also be a fun way to playfully tease her.

Nipplegasms Are a Thing

Not every woman can have an orgasm from nipple stimulation. But as far as orgasms from non-genital contact go, nipplegasms seem to be one of the most common types.

I can experience them, but only when I?m sufficiently aroused. It takes a certain amount of horniness before they?re even possible.

But when I?m hot and bothered enough, it?s definitely possible to get me there.

Giving someone a nipple orgasm works basically the same way as giving them a clitoral orgasm. It takes steady, constant stimulation. For me, circling the nipple with fingers usually works best, though it can?t be too intense or I?m likely to get uncomfortable before I get off. Lube helps for that.

Use a Vibrator

I never used to find the sensation of a vibrator on my nipples to be arousing. It usually felt too intense. I?d almost feel numb, and sometimes that would shade into pain.

I didn?t think I was into it at all until I tried a couples vibrator that had some low intensity settings. Those were perfect. They weren?t strong enough to give me any discomfort. Using that vibrator on my nipples just felt nice, tingly, and pleasantly arousing.

So, if you have a vibrator handy, you can use it on her nipples to stimulate them. Just don?t start with the Magic Wand or some other high-powered toy.

Give Them a Proper Massage

If you want to show her breasts some serious love and affection, bust out the massage oil and go to town on those tiddies.

A massage is more sensual than just being felt up. The slickness of the massage oil makes everything feel better, too.

Giving her a massage will give her boobs a lot more attention than your standard grope sesh will. So, this is a good way to give her something a little more memorable.

Fuck Those Titties

Every woman?s mileage varies when it comes to getting her tits fucked. But if she?s down for it, has the size for it, and you?ve got a cock or strap-on, all you?ll need is a bit of lube and a comfortable position.

You can straddle her chest while she?s lying down or you can stand while she kneels in front of you. I?ve once had my tits fucked while I was on top, after some cowgirl fucking. That wasn?t the most convenient position and I don?t recommend it unless you?re both willing to do a little extra work.

No matter the position you use, it will be a lot easier to fuck her tits if they?re pushed together. That way, your cock can stay in place and you can enjoy some extra pressure and tightness. It can sometimes be difficult to fuck tits while holding them, though, so your best bet might be to ask her to push them together while you have your fun.

Blended Stimulation

Once you?re having sex, you can still pay her breasts a visit. Getting groped or having the nipples stimulated can feel even better while getting fucked, fingered, or licked.

If you stimulate her nipples while making her come, she can have a blended orgasm. Those are more powerful and intense, so you should always aim to give her one if you can.

Her Cycle Will Affect Her Sensitivity

How she feels about breast play and how much she enjoys it can vary according to her cycle.

Depending on where she is in her cycle, she might not want them played with at all, she can be too sensitive to enjoy it, or her normally orgasmic nipples might not be able to make her come no matter how hard you tug on them.

So, don?t expect to get the same results every time. Get to know her seasons and be open to changing the way you play with them to meet her where she is.

Treat Them Right

If you?re lucky enough to get your hands on a pair of tits, make sure you treat them right.

Take your time. Start off gently. Give her nipples the stimulation they need. And above all else, be respectful and remember that playing with her boobs is as much for her as it is for you.

And maybe the best tip I can give is to remember that those tits are attached to a human being. If you?re not entirely sure what to do with their tits, you can always ask them what they prefer.

The Tryst is my favorite vibrator for nipple play. You can get it here. That?s an affiliate link ? if you click on it and purchase anything from the site, I earn a small commission and you will be supporting my work. ?

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