How to Memorize 100 digits of Pi

How to Memorize 100 digits of Pi

(as easy as pie ?)

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Happy Pi Day friends ? It?s finally the one day of the year where math gets some love instead of the shade it gets the other 364 days! Feeling all the warm fuzzies about math makes March 14th one of my most favorite days of the year!

In celebration of Pi Day, I?m going to teach you a little pi memory trick that, for me, made memorizing the first 100 digits of pi easier than baking my Pi Day Pie ? I wish I were kidding but it?s true. It took me just over a day to memorize 100 digits of pi, and 4 days to bake my beautiful pi day pie! I guess some of us are better at the whiteboard than in the kitchen!

Whether you?re memorizing pi for an epic competition, a personal challenge, or just to honor our beloved mathematics here?s how to do it ?

Mnemonic Major System to the rescue!

It?s no secret that memorizing strings of numbers is beyond challenging. That?s why the easiest way to memorize numbers is to use the Mnemonic Major System also known as the Phonetic Number System.

This is a classic technique where we assign a different consonant sound to each digit 0 through 9. These sound associations allow us to create silly words and phrases that correspond directly to the string of numbers we need to remember.

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The handy thing about this trick is that it can be used to memorize any string of numbers you wish. Some people even get so good at it that they use it to memorize numbers directly on the spot! Talk about life goals!! ?

A Classic Pi Recital

Ready to see the mnemonic major system in action?? Grab a slice of pie, sit back, and watch me recite 100 digits of Pi from memory ?

Skip to 4 minutes in to get the skinny on the tricks I used to memorize the mnemonic system and the full explanation of how I implemented the number-sound associations to create silly, yet memorable phrases that correspond to the first 100 digits of pi.

Happy Pi Day!!

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