How to Make Moon Water

How to Make Moon Water

Image for postMe with one of my many bottles of moon water!

Hello everyone! Today, we?re talking about some witchy stuff! I usually don?t talk about my religion, mostly because I don?t follow one set religion. Instead, I take inspiration from my Catholic/Pagan/Agnostic upbringing and kind of blend it all together to make?whatever you would call my faith. I guess it?s Agnostic with a side of Pagan? Either way, I believe that everyone can believe whatever they want to as long as it doesn?t hurt anyone.

That all being said, I made moon water yesterday, so imma tell y?all what it is and how to make it.

Moon water is water that has sat out overnight, collecting the energy from the moon. I fully believe that the energy one gets from the moon is different than the sun?s energy, and if you?re into witchy stuff like me, moon water is crucial to your collection.

You can use moon water for lots of different things, such as:

  • Rituals (like spell casting, ritual baths, etc.)
  • Setting some on your altar to represent the element of water
  • Offerings to moon-related gods/goddesses
  • Cleansing crystals and other witchy items
  • Watering plants (that?s mainly what I use it for!)

There?s tons and tons of uses, but those are just a few examples of what you can do with it!

In a perfect world, I would have all the tools I need to make the perfect batch of moon water. Glass containers, fancy crystals to charge within the water, a nice place to let the rays of the moon get all in my nice filtered water?

Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world, and I use what I have to get what I need done, done! There?s various ways to get the same result, so I?m going to share what I do to make my moon water. If you?re interested in the other ways to make it, please go research! You?ll see that lots of different witches do lots of different things.

First, get your water holder. It can be a pitcher, a bottle, a bowl, whatever! I use water bottles because I usually have old water bottles laying around. My old roommate left a half pack of water bottles, so I decided to make what was left into moon water last night. In theory, you can get filtered/spring water, but honestly I?ve been using tap water for years and it?s been alright!

Second, look at the moon. Is it full? Great! If it?s not full, you can still make your water, it?ll just have different energy depending on what phase the moon is in. Full moon water is, in my opinion, the strongest of all the moon waters because that?s when the moon is at its peak strength. I go even further by looking at what day of the full moon it is. There?s two to three days of the full moon every cycle, and I like to make my moon water when it?s at its peak on the second day.

Image for postThis moon is almost full! When I took this picture the other night, I knew that it was almost time for my monthly full moon ritual.

Feel free to make moon water at whatever phase the moon is in! Different days of the moon cycle give us different energies (for example, the new moon is great for new beginnings and setting new intentions; the first quarter moon is great for relationships and fertility spells, and so on).

Third, once the moon has risen and the sun has set, go ahead and place that water where it can get some good moonrays. When it?s warm, I like to put my water outside, but if it?s cold, I just put it in the windowsill.

Technically, you should get your water inside before the sun rises, but I do not and cannot wake up that early, so I just grab it as soon as I wake up. If you can wake up early like that, good for you! Go grab your extra powerful moon water! The sun doesn?t make it less powerful, but instead gets some of its own sunny energy up in there. Some people take it more seriously than I do, but I figure if my intention is there, it makes it okay.

After you get your water, you can put it wherever. Mine sits on my desk so no one accidentally grabs it from the fridge! This month?s moon water is going to the plants, cleansing my crystals, and to some upcoming projects. You can honestly use this water however you?d like (if you want to drink it or cook with it, make sure you have a lid on your water while it?s outside so you don?t get any bugs or germs in your bottle).

That?s pretty much it! Thanks for reading, y?all! Let me know if you want more of this kind of thing. Sometime soon, I?m planning on sharing a recipe or two cause, you know, Thanksgiving is the best time of the year and I?m trynna share what I can make with you guys. Anyways?See y?all next week!


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