How to Make a Pull Out Sleeper Couch More Comfortable

How to Make a Pull Out Sleeper Couch More Comfortable

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Sleeper couches offer an extra bed for guests and convenient seating for those who live in the household. The kids love sleeper couches for sleepovers, and they are perfect for sick days when cuddling up in front of the television with warm soup helps to heal. Though a pull-out sofa bed comes with many benefits, it usually lacks in the comfort department. Find out how to create a comfortable sleeper sofa your household and overnight guests love to sleep on.

1. Add a Mattress Topper

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The easiest way to improve the comfort of a sleeper sofa is to add a mattress topper.

The extra padding helps to make it easier on the back and more comfortable to sleep on.

Both memory foam and down mattress toppers exist for sleeper sofa mattresses, along with toppers

made of other materials. The material is simply a matter of preference; as long as it is thick,

it adds more comfort to the base mattress.

2. Buy a New Mattress

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Another way to improve the comfort of a pull out couch is to buy a new mattress. Most mattresses

for sofa beds range in width from 4 to 5 inches. Thicker mattresses are more comfortable.

Replace the original mattress with a new sofa bed mattress to make a world of difference in terms

of comfort.

3. Fill in Gaps With Pillows

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Another way to improve the comfort level of a sofa bed is to fill any gaps with pillows.

This gives the sleeper more room to spread out while sleeping, thus making it more comfortable.

Additionally, filling up the gap with a second pillow can keep the sleeping pillow in place and give

you a better night?s sleep. Read the Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Pillow to get the

most comfortable option for your sofa bed.

4. Sleep on Quality Bedding

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The comfort level on a sleeper sofa is directly related to the quality of the bedding. Comfortable

bedding can significantly improve the quality of sleep you get. Most pull-out sofa beds are full-size

but other sizes are on the market, too. Shop for bedding that specifically matches the size of your

sofa bed, and consider buying mattress clips to keep the sheets in place, especially if you do not

plan to use a topper on the mattress.

5. Keep the Mattress Clean

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Keeping the sleeper sofa mattress clean also helps to ensure a good night?s sleep. Clean

the mattress with a vacuum; a small handheld unit is perfect for this task, since the space of a sofa

bed tends to be fairly small. Additionally, a handheld vacuum is portable, so you can reach the middle

of the bed with ease. If you have a down mattress on the sofa bed, fluff it in the dryer with a dryer

sheet following each use to bring more comfort and add a pleasant scent.

6. Sleep on a Duvet

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If you need a solution for a more comfortable sleeper sofa in a pinch, consider sleeping on a duvet

instead of using it to cover yourself. Most duvets are thick enough to offer extra support and comfort

where you need it. Duvets also add an opportunity for more warmth, especially if made of a material

such as down.

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