How to login a messenger without the online app?

If you want to check your Facebook messages without messenger and thinking about its possibility then welcome here to know the answer. You must be aware that Facebook has separated messenger from mobile app due to which now users need to install messenger also in their mobile to access their messages. But many users don?t want to install messenger in their device and look for some alternative ways to check their messages. Similarly, some users want to Log In to Facebook Messenger Online and wonder how can they do so, that is further explained below.

How to use messenger login without the app?

If you want to use messenger login but not via its app then there is another way to do the same. Facebook users can log in to messenger on their online website for which they need a messenger com login password. Follow the steps given below to use messenger login without the app:

Open your web browser and go to the official website of messenger

If you are already logged in to your Facebook account on the same browser then just have to click continue as a button

Otherwise provide your messenger account name and password

Then click the login button and you will be logged into your messenger

How to check Facebook messages without a messenger?

As Facebook has started moving messages from Facebook app to messenger and whenever a user receives a message they indicate to download the messenger app to see that message. But if you don?t want to download messenger app separately and wondering how to check your Facebook messages without messenger then there is a simple trick to do so, that is further explained below:

First of all start Messenger installation process on your mobile

Then cancel the installation process at last when it is about to finish

Now open Facebook app and go to the message tab

Now you can see your messages as they will be displayed once again

I hope your query has been resolved successfully but in case you are unable to understand anything get in touch with the Facebook customer support team for help.


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