How to learn Spanish fast & easily in 3-minute chunks!

How to learn Spanish fast & easily in 3-minute chunks!

Learning a language can be difficult, but here are some tips that will get you speaking Spanish in no time at all

The wonderful thing about living on Earth in 2019 is that we have the entire world at our fingertips. In the past, if we wanted to learn to speak Spanish, we had to sign up to an evening class and attend for two hours every week, or we had to try and teach it to ourselves using a textbook.


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Nowadays, however, the resources that we can access at the click of a button are mind-blowing. Sometimes, though, too many resources can be just as unuseful as too few. So, in this article, I?m going to show you how to have fun learning Spanish in a completely stress-free way, from the comfort of your own home.

Can I really learn Spanish in 3 minutes?

The answer is, yes!

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4. Tune your ear into the language

Finally, the thing that everybody dreads is not understanding what is being said back to you. And of course, the first few times you speak Spanish to somebody, the odds are you won?t understand even one word of what they say to you. But that?s normal and you shouldn?t panic.

The more you practise, the more you?ll understand. At first, it will sound like whomever you?re speaking to is talking very fast, but the more words you know, the slower it will sound.

There are plenty of ways that you can get used to the Spanish language and tune your ear into the intonation. One amazing resource is YouTube. Just by passively listening to Spanish TV shows or radio shows, you will be amazed at how much you pick up. Just a few minutes each day of listening to something in Spanish will do wonders.

As well as YouTube, you can use Spanish TV websites like, which are great places to visit. Or, you can listen to Spanish audiobooks on Audible.

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5. Is there anything else?

So, those were just a few things that you can do to start learning Spanfast. But, if you can?t be bothered to do all of this, then I have some wonderfully good news. I have created a course called ?3 Minute Spanish? which does it all for you. All you have to do is listen.

I?ve broken down the lessons into 3-minute videos and I?ve organised all the information so that you learn the most useful things first. Just lisen to one lesson each day.

Image for postYou can get 3 Minute Spanish on your computer, tablet or mobile phone

The method behind 3 Minute Spanish is also very simple. I have broken down the Spanish language into little building blocks and I show you how to put them back together to form your own sentences.

For example, the Spanish word for ?good? is ?bueno?. The Spanish word for ?it is? is ?es?. So, how would you say, ?It is good??

It is goodEs bueno

Or, the word for ?very? is ?muy?, so how would you say, ?It is very good?.

It is very goodEs muy bueno

That?s basically as hard as it gets. I add a few words at a time that you can simply plonk together, and then I show you all the things you can say with those words. You?ll be speaking Spanish within the first three minutes!

The 3 Minute Spanish courses take you from complete beginner and I assume you know no Spanish whatsoever. You can currently get courses 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 on SkillShare.

You can get two months? free access to all of my courses on SkillShare. Just use any of these links:

3 Minute Spanish ? Course 13 Minute Spanish ? Course 23 Minute Spanish ? Course 33 Minute Spanish ? Course 43 Minute Spanish ? Course 5

Happy learning 🙂


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