How to Have Sex with a Guy Who’s Curved

How to Have Sex with a Guy Who’s Curved

You can use it to your advantage

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I don?t remember noticing my boyfriend?s curved dick.

Obviously, I knew it curved ? I mean, I could see it and I saw it plenty. But it just never seemed odd to me, even though it was probably the first curved one I ever had or handled.

I didn?t think too much about it because I figured a dick?s a dick. I figured it just had its own unique shape but that we could proceed as usual, without making any accommodations.

Little did I know that the curve was causing some problems. I knew that penetration felt better sometimes and worse other times, but I never put two and two together and pinned it on the curve.

We could still do most positions, but doggystyle was a bitch.

Mr. Austin curves to the left. It?s not a huge curve by any means, but it?s noticeable. I?d say it?s somewhere between the 30 to 40 degree range (I should really have measured but I think busting out a protractor would quickly kill the mood).

Whenever I got in doggy position, I felt a deep, sharp pain.

The discomfort was intense, but I was young, horny, and trying to be dirty for my boyfriend, so I still got on my knees frequently and tried my best to focus on the pleasure I felt instead of the pain it gave me.

I couldn?t understand it. I used to get fucked in that position before by a guy whose cock was a bit longer and who liked to pound me hard. If I could take that and feel amazing, why was I experiencing so much discomfort now?

Eventually, it got to be too much. I reached a point where doggystyle sex would make me feel so hurt and worn down that I would cry after we were done.

Needless to say, we gave up on that position.

For about ten years, we went doggy-free. We tried plenty of positions, but if I got on my knees, it was only to take him in my mouth.

But this year, I decided to try it again.

I really missed fucking in that position. I wanted to add some more variety to our sex life. I also wanted to see if anything had changed over the course of a decade.

It had not.

I could take it, but only if he fucked me really slowly, real gently, and kept the penetration real shallow.

If I ever took him in deeper, that old familiar pain would return.

This time, though, I knew what it was. It was his curve. His cock hooked to the left inside of me and it hit me the wrong way.

We worked some doggystyle into our evenings. It was still fun, but it was nowhere near as enjoyable as I knew it could be. It also didn?t give me as much pleasure as the other positions we did ? not even close.

So, we did it rarely, and almost never for longer than one or two minutes. We did it more for novelty than for pleasure.

So, doggy was a dud. But one of the big differences between me now and me at 18 is that I?m fully aware of the way my husband?s cock curves. I?m also fully aware that I need to make accommodations for it.

Until very recently, accommodating it meant avoiding some positions. If his curve made something unpleasant, I?d strike it from our repertoire and find some other way to fuck him.

Now, I?m trying a more creative and proactive approach. If he curves left, I want to know how I can work with that instead of against it. Better yet, how can I use it to my advantage?

Blowjob Positions for Curved Cocks

After I stopped having doggystyle sex with Mr. Austin, I also put an end to giving him blowjobs.

There were multiple reasons for that. I had a very low sex drive at the time, so blowjobs became a low priority. I was also a more selfish lover back then, so doing away with head didn?t feel like a loss for me.

But the curve was definitely a factor.

Whenever I took his cock in my mouth, I had a hard time managing the whole teeth situation while also keeping his head from scraping the roof of my mouth.

I assumed it had to do with his size ? the guy?s got some girth. And since I can?t shrink his cock down a bit (as much as I?d like to at times), I gave up completely. He was just too big to blow comfortably.

After many blowjobless years, though, I got into the idea of sucking cock again ? like, really got into it.

I didn?t care about his size. I wanted my mouth on him, even if I couldn?t last long.

I came back to cocksucking in full force. I did it frequently. And I started experimenting with new techniques and different positions.

I had never given positions serious thought when it came to oral. With sex, positions made a big difference, but with this I figured I just needed to be comfortable and have direct access to his dick.

I was wrong. I discovered that some positions were better than others. When we configured our bodies in certain ways, I could take him deeper or do it more comfortably.

When I gave him head, I started lying on my left side, to his right. It?s sort of counter-intuitive, because that meant his cock curved away from me. But because I would get a little on top of him, it created a very nice angle that allowed me to go longer and enjoy it more.

It made a huge difference. I tried lying to his left instead, so his curve points toward me, and I felt like I could only give him half a blowjob. I could barely get my lips past the crown of his head, and whenever I tried to further, my jaw would feel stretched and I would feel him pushing against the roof of my mouth.

My favorite position, though, is to kneel between his legs. It gives me complete control over the angle where we meet and the position of my mouth, and I can tilt my head to get it in perfectly. No matter which direction a dick curves, this is a good all-purpose position that should help you accommodate any shape, size, or bend.

Accommodating Penetrative Sex

It?s harder to give generalized advice for having good penetrative sex with a guy who curves. The positions that work best will all depend on the direction and angle of the curve. But there are a few general principles you could follow to maximize your pleasure.

First, avoid anything that hurts or is uncomfortable.

I stopped fucking around with my comfort years ago and I?m not going back. I?m too old to put myself through any kind of pain during sex (unless it?s a firm slap on my ass).

If you realize that the curve is causing issues in some positions no matter what you try, just knock them off your list and replace them with new ones.

But also keep in mind that you can use the curve to your advantage. Things can get really interesting once you realize that a curved cock can hit your G-spot more easily and intensely.

When you?re using fingers to hit the G-spot, you?re curving them up (assuming you?re laying on your back). The same principle applies to fucking a curved cock: if you can get the curve to point up, you should be able to have more stimulating sex.

For me and my left-curving husband, that can mean having me lay on my back while he?s on his side, forming a T shape. Or I can lay on right side while he stands off the bed and fucks me. In either of those positions, every thrust makes his curve push hard against my G-spot. Though, admittedly, that much direct stimulation can be too much for me. But I?m on the sensitive side, so it?s probably perfect for women who aren?t.

Most recently, I made my most exciting curved cock discovery yet. I found out that a slight shift in angles is all it can take to accommodate a curve.

It started with my husband and I talking about doggystyle sex and how his curve makes it difficult for me. He had a bit of a lightbulb moment and told me, a bit too mysteriously, that he wanted to try something the next time we fucked.

That next time was a few nights ago. I got on my knees. He stood behind me. But this time, instead of just fucking me, he angled his hips slightly.

Instead of coming in curved, it felt like his cock pushed in straight at first. I only felt the curvature once it was almost all the way in.

That did it. Him shifting his hips a bit is all it took. It wasn?t painful at all. He could put the entire length of it in me. And put the entire length he did ? I got to enjoy the feeling of being pounded from behind after having given it up for years.

The feeling of having him fuck me like that is indescribable. All I can say is that it was so fucking intense, but in a very, very good way. I couldn?t believe how good it felt. I moaned so loudly that my pillow couldn?t muffle it. The moaning turned to shouting. I couldn?t hold back.

I got so loud that I not only woke up my 9 year old but worried him so much he came to our bedroom door (which was thankfully locked). He told us he heard a lot of noise and was concerned about us.

Mr. Austin reassured him and sent him back to bed while I was doubled up laughing. No, there were no problems at all. Mommy was blissed out of her fucking mind and doing just fine.

Use the Curve to Your Advantage

When I started really noticing the curve, I started making adjustments. At first, they were all negative. I was focusing on the things I couldn?t do because of it.

Now, I?m taking a positive outlook. I?m trying to find ways to use the curve to my advantage and get the most pleasure I can out of it.

Some guys are self-conscious about their curved dicks, but every dick has some advantages and some disadvantages. You just have to know how to maximize your fun with it.

All you need to do to accommodate a curved cock is figure out which positions help the head hit your G-spot, if you?re into that much stimulation, and maybe encourage your partner to shift his angle just a bit.

It?s worth experimenting. Some positions don?t feel good because of my husband?s left-leaning ways, but if he shifts his hips to come in at a different angle, they feel great. And some positions that already feel great can feel phenomenal with just a little adjustment.

I?m still experimenting with different ways to use his curve, but I?m really happy with the results so far. And I can?t wait until he gets to bend me over again and makes me shout so loudly the neighbors call the cops.

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