How to Get a Helicopter Pilot License: Types and Cost

How to Get a Helicopter Pilot License: Types and Cost

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Do you like to fly a helicopter? Well, it?s possible that you can do it but you will need a pilot license for the same. But how to get a helicopter license and what you need to know about it? Don?t worry, we have gathered all info in brief below. Let?s have a look.

Generally, there are three sorts of helicopter pilot license and authentications:

1. Private

2. Business

3. Flight Instructor Certificate

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Each of these licenses accompany its own particular benefits, qualification and preparing prerequisites, and obviously, license cost. Along these lines, in the event that you need to know how you can get a helicopter permit and how much it costs, you truly need to ask yourself what you need to have the capacity to do as a helicopter pilot.

Private License

In case you simply need to fly helicopters for entertainment only or individual utilization, at that point all you require is a Private Pilot License. The Federal Aviation Administration sets all helicopter pilot controls in the United States and it requires potential helicopter pilots to finish no less than 40 hours of flight preparing or more. They likewise expect you to finish ground preparing and additionally pass a composed and functional flight examination.

With respect to private helicopter license cost, the greater part of your costs will be caused while collecting your flight hours. By and large, helicopter flight schools and preparing programs charge up to $250 per flight hour, costing you between $10000-$15000 in total.

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Business License

Suppose you would prefer not to just fly helicopters for the sake of entertainment but you really need to get paid for doing so. All you need is a commercial helicopter pilot job. This is somewhat trickier and tougher to get. To begin with, the Federal Aviation Administration requires that you finish 150 hours of flight preparing. Keep in mind, it will cost you approximately $250 for every hour of flight preparing. In this way, to compute the cost for your license, simply increase that expense times 150. You?re taking a bet at around $37,000 or even more!

Flight Instructor Certificate

Another well known kind of helicopter permit, is a Flight Instructor Certificate. As you may have speculated, this makes you legitimate to instruct the specialty of flying helicopters other yearning for pilots.

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All things considered, the Federal Aviation Administration requires that you should hold a legitimate Commercial License to be qualified for your Flight Instructor Certificate. You won?t, notwithstanding, need to gather any more hours of flight preparing. This is the reason it?s such a great amount of less expensive than alternate sorts of helicopter licenses.

So you see, getting your helicopter pilot permit is no little accomplishment. On the other hand, in the event that it was, everyone would fly helicopters! To keep the details helicopter license cost in context, recall that flying a helicopter is a hazardous expertise that requires broad preparing for your security and that of others.


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