How to fly standby on SouthWest Airlines

Contact ? 1?888?286?3422 If you are planning to travel with SouthWest Airlines but you are not sure whether you can go with the same flight or you need to change it, you should go with the option to fly standby on SouthWest Airlines.

You just need to book the business select or anytime tickets at the time of booking the flight or you can upgrade any ticket to anytime ticket at least 2 hours prior to the departure of the flight. There will be an extra charge for upgrading but you will be saving the flight change or cancellation charges, which are too way higher.

You can follow the instruction to use the option for flying standby on SouthWest Airlines:

  • You need to book business select or anytime tickets for your journey or you need to upgrade you tickets to anytime tickets.
  • Whenever you want you can talk to the agent about the flight change at the airport or on the phone line by dialing the customer services toll free number. They will convert your ticket into standby ticket
  • Then you have to check in as a standby passengers and the agent at the gate will help you with your seat assignment in the next flight
  • If there is an availability of seat(s) you will get the boarding pass and you just need to be ready to fly.

Converting South West Airlines Reservations into standby tickets can help you in saving your money which passengers need to pay at the time of changing the flight. Standby ticket can only help you to change the flight time for the same day and same destination(s).


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