How to find IP and geographic location of the person with PHP scripting.

How to find IP and geographic location of the person with PHP scripting.

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Are you interested in finding the geographic location of the person you are talking to?

This type of information can be very useful if you are tracking someone.

I will share with you some websites that create a link that you can send via social networks or using social engineering methods, and can instantly find out the IP address of the target.

Let?s do it.

If you are interested in creating your own IP grabber tool because you want to use your own domain, then here is a simple code:

<?php//IP Grabber//Variables$protocol = $_SERVER[?SERVER_PROTOCOL?];$ip = $_SERVER[?REMOTE_ADDR?];$port = $_SERVER[?REMOTE_PORT?];$agent = $_SERVER[?HTTP_USER_AGENT?];$ref = $_SERVER[?HTTP_REFERER?];$hostname = gethostbyaddr($_SERVER[?REMOTE_ADDR?]);//Print IP, Hostname, Port Number, User Agent and Referer To Log.TXT$fh = fopen(?log.txt?, ?a?);fwrite($fh, ?IP Address: ?..$ip .n);fwrite($fh, ?Hostname: ?..$hostname .n);fwrite($fh, ?Port Number: ?..$port .n);fwrite($fh, ?User Agent: ?..$agent .n);fwrite($fh, ?HTTP Referer: ?..$ref .nn);fclose($fh);?>

IP logger

IP Logger URL Shortener allows you to track and register IP addresses, GPS locations.

IP Logger URL Shortener provides checking access to IP addresses, checking what my IP services, counters, and informants are.

Step 1. Go to 2. Select an option. Location Tracking, Image / Link, Invisible LoggerStep 3: For the purposes of this guide, we will use the URL Shortener. Enter the URL and click Get Logger Code.Step 4: Copy the IPLogger link to collect statistics (no BB codes)Step 5: Remember the IPLogger ID (required to access registration statistics!), You will need this later to get the registered IP addresses.

IP Logger URL Shortener – Log and Track IP addresses

Enter any URL or link to any image on the internet to shorten it and track IP addresses and clicks on your short?


Grabify IP Logger lets you track who clicked on your links. Find IP addresses from Facebook, Twitter, friends on other sites.

Step 1: go to

Step 2. Enter the link to the web page on the Grabify website and click the ?Create URL? button

Step 3: Now you will have a new tracking link, similar, for example. you can use the button below to change the link domain to another domain that is less recognizable, or you can use your own domain.

Step 4: Save the tracking code or connection link that you will need to get the IP addresses of those who clicked on your Grabify link.

Grabify IP Logger & URL Shortener

If you’re not sure on how to use this website, just take a look at this video. Enter a URL that you want Grabify to?


Step 1: Go to https://blasze.comStep 2. Enter a new URL or tracking code and click Submit.Step 3. Copy the tracking link.Step 4. Copy the access code that you will need later to get the registered IP addresses.Step 5: Enter the access code at to receive registered IP addresses.


Step 1: Go to the page http://whatstheirip.comStep 2. Enter your email address and click the ?Get Link? button.Step 3: Copy one of the URLs provided by 4: As soon as your friend clicks on one of the URLs, you will receive an email with the IP address.

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