How to Eat More Beans and Fart Less

How to Eat More Beans and Fart Less

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Are you vegan, vegetarian or a concerned omnivore that heard beans, lentils and legumes are fantastic foods for better health?

If that resonates with then you probably also know what else tends to resonate post bean consumption: your farts.

We?ve all been there ? I call it Montezuma?s revenge.

Here are a few handy tips to help you and those closest to you gain some relief and get beans back on your plate.

  1. Eat greens with your beens.

Beans have complex sugars in them that us humans struggle to digest. We can refer to them as ?high raffinose.?

Because beans are high raffinose, they should be mixed with low raffinose vegetables such as lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, bok choy and zucchini, as well as easily digestible proteins like fish, poultry, eggs and tempeh.

Don?t mix your beans with potatoes as they compete for digestion ? you want to make it easy for your digestive system, not hard.

2. Don?t eat sugary food or fruit within 3 hours of beans.

Once again, make it easy for your digestive system. Beans have sugars in them that your digestive system doesn?t break down ? they just ferment in your gut, hence the gas.

If you put other sugars in there too, you?re just making the problem worse.

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3. Prepare beans properly or prepare to open your windows.

If preparing dried beans aim to do a slow soak which means:

a) add 10 cups of water to your stockpot for every 500 g (pound) of beans.

b) cover and refrigerate overnight or for minimum 4 hours

c) don?t add herbs and spices until you begin to cook

d) don?t cook in the same water you soaked the beans in

4. Use digestive spices when cooking beans.

Cook your beans with ginger and turmeric or fennel and asafetida to make them more digestible.

And remember, digestion starts in the mouth! So chew your beans properly.

You also use digestive aids such as beano, an enzyme that breaks down complex sugars in beans to help really give you a hand.

If you have just started a relationship and intend on getting the bean stew, beano is a must.

5. Get on the bean scene slowly.

As tempting as it is to jump head first into fajita friday at your Mexican local, it?s best to dip your toe in first.

Start with mung beans, adzuki and dhal, as they are easy to digest because they are low in the complex sugars that are easily broken down by the human digestive enzymes.

Then work your way onto black and kidney beans and lentils.

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