How to Decide Which Keto Blogs to Follow

First, think about what you?re hoping to gain from keto blogs. Are you only looking for recipes? Or are you looking for authoritative information about the ketogenic diet? That?s because there?s no point in wasting your time navigating through blogs that don?t offer the kind of info you need to make your diet work.

Once you?ve decided what your priority is, make sure the blogs you?re following offer quality content. But how do you decide what counts as ?quality??

Say, for example, you?re looking for keto diet recipes. In that case, you first need to familiarize yourself with the basics of keto nutrition and check if the recipe blog you?re looking at follows these rules. You also want to make sure that their recipes have nutrition information, preferably where you can see the macros for each serving of the meal. An additional plus is any blog that has a YouTube channel ? demonstration videos make keto cooking easy for keto beginners.

But if you just need reliable information about the ketogenic diet, choose blogs with content written or reviewed by medical professionals. This can prevent you from falling prey to misinformation.

Some blogs offer both, which can help you get the best of both worlds: loads of keto diet info with tasty keto recipes.

9 Best Keto Blogs

Below are some of the most informative and authoritative keto diet blogs on the Internet. Most of these offer both informative and keto cooking content. They?re listed in random order.

1. KetoConnect

If you?ve ever researched about the ketogenic diet on YouTube, there?s a good chance you may have come across KetoConnect. It?s one of the most popular and fast-growing keto channels with 800,000+ subscribers. Couple Megha and Matt are the owners of this channel as well as a blog of the same name, KetoConnect. They?re both experienced keto dieters, and you?ll find their content informative, useful, and, above all, fun.

They share everything you may want to know about the keto diet, including lots of delicious recipes on their YouTube channel and their blog. The biggest plus about this blog is the connection between the owners and their audience (you).

2. PerfectKeto

PerfectKeto is another popular keto blog that?s owned by Dr. Anthony Gustin, a former sports rehab clinician. Like KetoConnect this blog also covers A-Z of everything you may want to know about the ketogenic diet.

One of the major perks of this blog is that all the content was written there is by health care professionals and experienced health writers, which means you?re looking at reliable info. Another plus is that they have a private 26000+ members keto community on Facebook where you can interact with other newbie and experienced ketoers.

3. is a pioneer in informative keto content. It is one of the first keto diet blogs to offer comprehensive guides for the ketogenic diet. It was started by Craig Clarke, who shares his 12+ years of first-hand experience with low-carb living. All content is written and reviewed by experienced writers and health professionals. consistently receives millions of readers each month. The blog features in-depth guides on almost every burning topic in the keto sphere. They also have an extensive collection of keto recipes and over 300 000+ social media followers.

4. LowCarbYum

As the name implies, Low Carb Yum is a blog dedicated to tasty keto recipes. From low carb takes on classic dishes like pot pie and pizza to truly unique keto recipes like fat bombs, Low Carb Yum has you covered.

The recipes here are ordered by course, diet, and cooking method. This blog also features gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, vegetarian, and many other options. Each recipe has easy to understand step-by-step instructions, complete with high-definition pictures to make cooking easy and fun. The recipes on this blog have been featured on popular websites such as Shape, Women?s Health, and Men?s health. Like many popular blogs, Low Carb Yum also has a YouTube channel with over 50 000+ subscribers and over 1. 7 million followers on Facebook. Follow this blog on social media to get their latest recipes.

5. KissMyKeto

Long-time friends Alex and Michael created KissMyKeto after struggling to find ketogenic products that truly met their needs and expectations. Their focus, as a result, was to develop and distribute high-quality keto supplements and other products like keto snacks, keto broths, ketone meters, and more.

Besides that, they want to offer keto dieters content they can trust. To make that possible, they have teamed up with talented writers and medical professionals such as doctors, dietitians, and nutritionists who review every article published on their site. On the KissMyKeto blog, you?ll find the latest information on the science of keto as well as practical tips on how to make the diet work ? this also includes a recipes section. KissMyKeto also has a dedicated YouTube channel, Instagram account, Facebook, and more.

6. Healthline

This might come as a surprise, but Healthline deserves a special mention as a comprehensive and reliable source of keto information.

Healthline is a powerful authority website that receives over 90 million page views per month, and it ranks number 1 on Google for many ketogenic diet topics. All of the content published on this site is written and reviewed by experienced medical professionals. This means it can be (and probably already is) your go-to place for reliable information about the keto diet and more. Use search engines or the website?s own search bar to look for keto topics. You can also follow them on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

7. DietDoctor

DietDoctor was founded by Sweedish family physician, Dr. Andreas Eanfeldt, in 2011. He stopped working as a physician in 2015 to dedicate himself full-time to his website. Dr. Eanfeldt?s goal is to revolutionize how people look at nutrition.

DietDoctor is one of the oldest and one of the most trustworthy sites covering keto diet and nutrition information. Medical doctors and experts write all the articles on the site?s blog. DietDoctor has over 600 000 followers on social media and has a large collection of comprehensive keto guides and recipes.

8. Ketogasm

If you?re a woman who?s looking for a blog that?s as informative as it is entertaining, this is the place to go. Ketogasm is a website to helping women succeed on keto as explained on their ?About us? page. It was founded by Tasha, a talented nutrition educator and author who started following the ketogenic diet to lose weight and treat her PCOS. She shares everything she?s learned about the keto diet on her blog.

Besides informative articles, ketogasm also has a free course, meal plan, keto calculator, recipes, and everything a woman would need to get started on the keto diet. You can also read Tasha?s book offering guidelines and recipes and listen to her podcast, both linked to this website.

9. Headbanger?s Kitchen

Headbanger?s Kitchen s a highly popular blog with a fast-growing YouTube channel as evident by its 400K+ subscribers. The blog and channel are both dedicated to keto-friendly recipes. The creator behind them is Sahil, a metal musician who shares his love of both keto and metal music on his blog. If you?re someone similar, you?ll definitely enjoy Sahil?s creativity.

Where keto diet is concerned, his blog features many unique keto diet recipes ? some being keto versions of classic Indian, Japanese, Hungarian, Chinese, and international cuisine in general. The blog has easy to understand step-by-step instructions for all the recipes featured.. Also featured on his blog are informative keto resources, personal vlogs, and merchandise.


Following the keto diet can be difficult for many beginners. That?s where blogs and other websites can help with informative content and easy-to-follow guides. When navigating the endless scope of keto diet information on the internet, it?s sometimes best to choose a couple of reliable sources for all your keto info and recipes.

The blogs listed here are some of the best out there, offering expert-reviewed content, creative keto-proof recipes, and even personal stories to help get you inspired and keep you motivated.


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