How to Convert Winmail.dat to PDF Format ?

How do I open unreadable text of the Winmail.dat attachment in PDF file? That is the question we seek to answer in today?s blog.

When an Outlook user sends an email with Rich Text Format (RTF) to a person whose mail client does not support RTF, then that person will receive a plain text message and everything else, including attachments in a file ?Winmail.dat ?

These ?Winmail.dat? attachment sometimes contain vital information for the organization and user. But users cannot access the Winmail.dat or ATT0001.dat files if the Microsoft Outlook Rich Text Format setup not installed on their system. Now, you can say goodbye to this concern, we have a professional solution to convert Winmail.dat files to PDF format. Winmail.dat Converter Toolkit is a direct solution to transfer Winmail.dat attachment from Outlook to PDF accurately. With this tool, the user can convert Winmail.dat, ATT00005.eml, ATT00001.dat, corrupt and damaged Winmail.dat attachments to Adobe PDF file format.

Now, let?s understand the step-by-step procedure of Converting Winmail.dat files to PDF format.

How to Convert Winmail.dat to PDF in Some Steps ?

  1. Free Download Winmail.dat to PDF Converter software on your Windows machine. Then, read all the instructions mentioned in the interface.

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2. Now, click on ?Select a Folder? option to load Winmail.dat files. Then, check the complete preview of Winmail.dat attachments.

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3. Winmail to PDF Conversion tool comes with many Saving options. Select PDF as file saving.

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4. Select the Destination path to save the resultant data on the desired location. You can also choose the ?File Naming option? in the interface.

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5. When you complete all the above procedure, click on the Convert button.

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6. The tool starts converting Winmail.dat to PDF. The procedure will end in some time.

Free Download Winmail.dat to PDF Converter Software

The user can check the free trial version of Winmail to PDF Converter software that exports only first 25 emails from each folder. By using the demo version, the user gets to know about the tool?s working and feature. So, once get satisfied, activate the license key of the utility to convert multiple Winmail.dat attachments files to PDF at once.


1. What is the connection between TNEF and Winmail.dat files?

Ans. Many times users get confused with the two terms ?TNEF files? and ?Winmail.dat?. Both are the same. TNEF files or transport Neutral Encapsulation Format used by the Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server accounts. In particular, this message format is used every time a user needs to send the attached files embedded in the emails. The same is with Winmail.dat.

2. Can I print the converted attachments to PDF files from Winmail.dat? Is it possible with the tool?

Ans. Yes, you can print Winmail.dat to PDF using the software.

3. I am from a non-technical background. I received emails with an attached ?Winmail.dat? file that I cannot open. Why does this happen and how can I fix it?

Ans. You cannot open the Winmail.dat attachment on your system because your email client/email service does not support rich text formatting. You can solve this problem by downloading the 100% accurate Winmail.dat to PDF conversion tool. It is an intelligent design tool that can be used by any type of user.

Salient Features of Convert Winmail.dat to PDF Free Tool

The software offers many advantages to its users. Let?s see:

1. Microsoft Outlook installation is not required to print Winmail.dat to PDF.

2. The tool offers an option for the user to save the file on the desired location after Winmail.dat to the PDF conversion process.

3. It provides an option to print Winmail.dat to PDF in batches with total precision

4. The utility allows you to migrate Outlook files with multiple attachments, email headers.

5. Also, it is compatible with all versions of files exported from Microsoft Outlook Winmail.dat.

6. The tool retains data integrity after transferring Winmail.dat files from Outlook to PDF.

7. The software allows the user to perform the process of converting Winmail.dat to PDF without limiting the file size.

The Closure

Now, you understand the complete process to convert Winmail.dat to PDF format without Outlook installation. The software is a reliable and cost-effective solution that accurately move Winmail.dat attachments to a PDF file format. It is an exceptional application that allows the user to maintain the integrity of the data throughout the conversion process. Therefore, download this reliable tool and save multiple Winmail.dat files in PDF effortlessly.


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