How To Control Your Gag Reflex During Oral Sex

How To Control Your Gag Reflex During Oral Sex

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Easily improve your oral sex skills by turning off your gag reflex.

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Your gag reflex can be a problem when trying to give a blow job. My gag reflex is triggered pretty easily. Stick anything too close to the back of my throat I?m gagging, and not in a good way.

And if we are being real, that?s perfectly normal. Your body is going to respond violently if you stick something too far in the back of your throat.

While that may be normal, however, it can make giving a (good) blow job a little trying to say the least.

So, you?re going to have to practice relaxing those muscles if you?re going to ever successfully give a great blow job or deep throat your partner.

If you don?t know where to begin, no problems. This step by step guide will have you relaxing that reflex in no time.

1. Lubricate the penis well

A well-lubricated penis slides better than a non-lubricated one.

The most comfortable and most pleasurable way to do this is to suck on your partner?s penis for a minute or two until it is good and moist.

2. Align your throat and his penis

Make sure you are in a comfortable position, and your throat and the penis are correctly aligned.

The best way to accomplish this is to have your guy lie on his back, and you lie on your stomach alongside him.

When you bend over him, you?re going to want to keep your neck as straight as possible, so his penis is pointing directly at the of your throat.

If that angle doesn?t work for you, you can have him stand, and you position yourself on your knees in from of him. This position gives you more control and makes aligning your throat and his penis much easier.

3. Slide the penis into your mouth slowly

You can either do this yourself or have him slide his penis into your mouth.

You want to move slowly.

Very slowly.

You?re not trying to engage your gag reflex.

Continue to slide the penis into your mouth until you feel your gag reflex kick in. If your partner is the one doing the sliding, be sure to let him know that you?ve reached a point where you need him to stop, or you will gag.

4. Hold in place

Hold his penis in position for as long as you again.

Once you feel like you can?t hold it anymore, let go and take a break.


5. Repeat steps 1?4

You only become good at things when you practice. So keep at it until you?re only gagging if you want to, not because you can?t help it.

Also, Rome wasn?t built in a day; it may take you a few attempts to get over your gagging issues. I?m sure your boyfriend won?t mind that you want to have his penis in your mouth as often as possible.

You?ll notice that after each session, you?ll be able to hold his penis in place longer and longer until your gag reflex isn?t an issue at all.

However, don?t try to do this too many times in one day; this is something that you should do over time.

Too many times in one day, you could make yourself sick and possibly cause you to vomit, and vomiting is definitely NOT sexy ? so take your time.

Cheatsheet: Use a deep throat spray

If you?d like to skip the work and get right down to the no gagging, then using an oral sex spray is the option for you.

Oral sex sprays are often flavored numbing agents that, when sprayed, numb your throat muscles and make it super easy to perform oral sex or deep throat.

That?s it.

All of the skills.

None of the work.


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