How to Clean Steam Iron

How to Clean Steam Iron

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Steam irons are useful home appliances used by people all over the world. Like any machine, it too requires regular cleaning and maintenance. So, how to clean steam iron?

How To Clean A Steam Iron Plate?

Even though the base plate is the easiest part of an iron to clean, many people still neglect it. This can lead to deposits of stubborn buildup that can make the plate scorched and stop it from smoothly gliding over clothes.

Cleaning is very easy. First, you have to prepare a mixture composed of salt and white vinegar in equal parts. Then, spread the slurry on the plate of the iron and gently wipe it with a damp towel. The mixture acts as a mild abrasive which is more effective at cleaning than just plain water. Once you?re certain that the plate is clean, remove the excess salt and vinegar mixture and wipe the plate with a fresh damp cloth.

How To Clean A Steam Iron Steam Holes?

The steam ducts of an iron can get blocked over time due to crystallization of minerals found in tap water. A common example is lime scale formations. This can make your iron less effective at producing steam. The steam holes are best cleaned along with the plate, at the same time, as the process requires the same mixture. You?ll need to use a cotton swab or Q-tip to clean the holes as they are smaller and harder to reach into.

How To Clean An Iron With Toothpaste?

Besides cleaning your teeth, toothpaste can be used to clean household items. Plain white toothpaste is effective as a mild abrasive. You could use it to clean the plate of a steam iron instead of iron cleaner liquids sold in stores or home remedies. To do so, spread a small amount of toothpaste over the entire surface of the plate of the iron and rub it with a damp towel slowly and gently.

How To Clean A Steam Iron Inside?

While it?s not really possible to access the internals of most steam irons, it?s perfectly feasible to clean it by running a cleaning solution through it. Even though there are cleaning solutions for this purpose available in stores, it?s best to prepare your own as it?s more economical but just as effective. As most irons have their reservoirs inside, the following steps will also teach you how to clean steam iron water tank.

? Prepare a cleaning solution made up of distilled white vinegar and clean water in equal parts.

? Fill it into the iron?s reservoir.

? Set your iron to its highest temperature setting, usually labeled with cotton.

? Place the iron on top of a cotton towel on an iron board.

? Press the steam button in short bursts of 20?30 seconds to release steam into the towel and clean the iron in the process. Continue doing this for about a minute or two.

? Empty the reservoir of the vinegar solution and fill it up with fresh water.

? Repeat the steaming process again so that all the vinegar still inside the iron is removed.

? Drain out any water that?s left over.

This is also the process for how to descale a steam iron as the vinegar removes all lime deposits from the steam iron.

It?s important to clean your iron from time to time. Doing so ensures that it works better and lasts for a longer time. Through this guide, I hope you?ve learned how to clean a steam iron generator. You should have no problem to clean Rowenta steam iron now.

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