How to Clean a Mousepad?

How to Clean a Mousepad?

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And Not to Spoil it

If you think are mouse pads washable, our answer is ? yes!

And did you know that we use mousepad from 1982?!The clean mouse pad affects the accuracy of cursor positioning, ease of mouse control, and, as a result, its performance.

The cleaning mousepad process depends on the material and surface.

This is not an easy deal even for plastic and metal mousepads. Expensive gaming accessories sometimes also differ in many ways: control (for accurate cursor movement) has a rough pile structure that cannot be damaged, speed, on the contrary, is absolutely smooth and slippery.

How to clean a gaming mouse pad?

So after washing it does not turn into a very clean, but useless thing?

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How to clean steelseries mousepad?

Steelseries mousepad is classical rubberized rugs, sturdy, with no stitched edges.

They normally deal with ordinary hand wash. Bunch of experts says that after 5?7 neat washes, they retained their properties.

Some Roccat mousepads contain a thin layer of aluminum between rubber and topcoat for durability and this is better for mouse optics. Although metal is do not like water much, such mousepads should be washed with care.

It is forbidden to crush or bend a freshly cleaned Steelseries mousepad. The best thing to clean this type of mouse pad is running water and mild soap.

?an you put a mouse pad in the washing machine?

If you think how to clean a mousepad properly and look at your washing machine? Don?t do it!

Often friends ask us, are mouse pads machine washable, sorry but you can?t do it.

Mousepad will quickly become spoiled, and may even become useless even after the first wash.

If your mousepad is very dirty, that you don?t even want to mess around with it, it?s better to throw it away and buy a new one.

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How to clean hyperx mousepad?

The HyperX mousepad has great non-abrasive edges with smooth stitching that create a smooth surface. The mousepad is made of dense fabric and has a smooth surface to the touch.HyperX has a textured vegetable rubber base.To clean hyperx mousepad use hand washing with a liquid soap and dry it in a straightened form.

We consist these mouse pads can not be washed in a washing machine!

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How to clean a cloth mousepad?

Cloth mousepads and with a rubber base for mounting on a table are the most common type of this product on the market.

Cloth mousepad surfaces are comfortable but quickly collect dust, hair, grease, and dirt from hands. And they are quite sensitive to wet cleaning.

For everyday care, you should get a brush for woolen fabrics with a short pile or a toothbrush (new) with soft bristles and brush off the dust once a week.

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For cloth mousepads, it?s good to have a vacuum cleaner ? one of those small ones that are used to clean a computer.

How to clean a mouse pad if dry cleaning is no longer helpful?

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Before soaking, you need to make sure that the paint does not fade: you need to rub the edge of the fabric with a damp cloth ? if it does not smear, then you can wash it:

  • clean the mousepad under running water and mount it to the wall of the bathroom or sink;
  • use a mild soap, shampoo, or dishwashing liquid to clean the mouse pad, non-alkaline and non-acidic (with a neutral pH balance, you can take one for kids);
  • with a hand or a sponge, wash it from top to bottom;
  • leave it in foam for 5?7 minutes;
  • rinse the mouse pad thoroughly, press lightly on it to squeeze the foam until it disappears completely.

If the mouse pad has a ?control? coating, brushing it is prohibited, only soft hand movements are used.

If you damage the rough structure of the mousepad it means to get a rather expensive rag. If the edges of the mat are not stitched tight, do not rub them hard.

Some people think that the shampoo foam ?covering? is useful for the mousepad, so you don?t need to wash off the foam until the end.

In fact, it only can be harmful to the optics mouses (especially for a surface like ?control?) and leaves white stains.

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Best way to clean a mousepad:

  • do not scrub your rub or squeeze it out
  • it should be dried by hanging over the edges on clothespins or spreading on a flat surface with the backside down so that the coating does not peel off;
  • a hairdryer or battery are forbidden for the same reason;
  • water temperature ? no more than 104 degrees;
  • can be dried by wrapping in paper napkins, periodically changing them;
  • do not machine wash;
  • leave the mat to dry for a day or longer, you can not use a wet accessory, especially for wooden tables;
  • make a washing day for mousepads every 2?3 months.

How to Dry Mousepad?

  • Dry your mousepad for about 24 hours in a straightened form so that there are no creases.
  • Do not dry the mousepad in direct sunlight or on a battery.

Mousepads with hard surface

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A hard surface mousepad is a fairly common accessory, including in a gaming environment. Their advantages are low cost, durability, and ease of maintenance.

How to clean a mousepad made of plastic or gel-filled?

Often it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth with liquid cleaners.

These detergents are harmless, hypoallergenic, and at the same time, perfectly cope with stains and clean hard surfaces. If the mouse pad is very dirty, you can wash it with warm water as a usual mousepad.

Mousepad with electronics or from the unusual materials

Modern rugs are made of a variety of materials (bamboo, glass, leather) and with additional functions: built-in electronics, Bluetooth adapters, etc.

Such accessories often serve as a gift, but even if they are placed on the table only on holidays, they need cleaning.

How to clean a mousepad from unusual materials?

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Mouse pads with internal electronics are afraid of water. You can clean them using special tools for gadgets: foam, wet napkins, or spray.

Glass accessories should be wiped well with a dilute solution of ammonia: it will not leave streaks on the surface.

Bamboo products cannot be wetted: in damp, they swell and bend ? the choice here cleaners for gadgets special napkins.

TYPETYPE OF CLEANINGWHAT YOU NEEDSteelseries mousepadHand washRunning water and soapRoccat mousepadWithout waterRunning water and soapHyperx mousepadHand washLiquid soapCloth mousepadDry cleaningBrush for woolen fabric, toothbrush, vacuum cleanerPlastic mousepadDry cleaningWipe it with a damp clothElectronic mousepadDry cleaningSpecial tools for gadgetsGlass mousepadDry cleaningA dilute solution of ammoniaCork mousepadDry cleaningSpecial napkins for gadgets

Today, some people find a computer mousepad an outdated and unnecessary item.

However, using a mouse without a mousepad will bring you very unpleasant chips and scratches on the surface of the working table.

In addition, it is also a stylish accessory that is table to add a piece of your personality to the interior of the working area.

If you use this few simple recommendations for cleaning mouse pad, you will be convinced by your self that this procedure is not as complicated as it might seem at first.

Do not be lazy to find time to periodically clean the mousepad and take care of it.

Frequently asked questions

How to clean razer mouse pad?

The Razer mousepad can be wet-cleaned. To do this, use a rag or sponge that is moistened with soapy water. Use the ordinary detergent shampoo, soap, laundry detergent. Gently wipe the contaminated area with a sponge, and then rinse the mousepad underwater.

How to clean a white mouse pad?

The cleaning of the white mousepad depends on the type of its surface.

  1. If the surface is made of cloth, try gently rubbing it with a damp rag, with adding a little shampoo. ?
  2. If your mouse pad is covered with plastic, you can use any mild household detergent and a rag or sponge.

Can you machine wash a mousepad?

No, all of the mousepads are not machine washable.

How to clean rgb mousepad?

This mouse pad is made of cloth. So you can gently rub it with a damp rag. Or use a little shampoo and wash it by hands and do not put it into the washing machine.

How to clean glorious mouse pad?

This cool mousepad are made of fabric. So this type of mouse mads are not mashine washible and you can just wash them gently by your hands. Use a little shampoo or some liquid soap and do not forget to dry them properly also.

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