How to Choose the Right Curtain Colours for Your Green Walls

How to Choose the Right Curtain Colours for Your Green Walls

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Green is the colour of balance, abundance and harmony. A lot of homeowners who want to add a touch of nature in their living spaces are opting for green walls these days as a result. Although the colour provides a soothing and calm effect to the interiors, it?s a tricky colour to coordinate with, be it upholstery, window coverings, home accessories or other home decor elements.

In today?s blog post, we?ll share some helpful tips on how to choose the right curtain colours to match with your green walls. If you already have a green wall or thinking of sporting one in your home, then read on.

Curtains for Warm Green Walls

The warm shades of green ranges from grassy yellow greens, chartreuse, wasabi green, acid green to olive greens. These warm shades have yellow undertones. If you have any of these colours on your walls, one of the best colours you can opt for your curtains is charcoal grey with red undertones. It can help soften the effect of the warm colour.

If you want to create a neutral look for the room, choose white curtains with a tone-on-tone pattern in the same shade as that of your wall. For a bold contrast look, select white curtains with patterns in orange, lavender or magenta colour. To provide an earthy feel, opt for patterns in yellows and browns. All of these colours visually go quite well with different shades of green.

You can experiment with several colours when you have dark olive green walls. Classic white curtains in cotton and sheer fabric is a great choice for olive green walls. It gives the space a light and airy appearance. You may also go for off-white, ivory or cream colour. However, if you want to make a bold statement, select contrasting colours such as salmon, bright pink, light green, warm greys, orange and peach.

Curtains for Cool Green Walls

Colours such as mint green, seafoam green, sage green, and aqua green fall under the category of cool shades of this refreshing colour. They have blue undertones. Lighter shades of cool greens can be paired with curtains in coral, orange colours. If you?re not looking for a solid colour, then go for warm grays with reddish brown or orange-brown patterns. For walls with darker cool shades of green, create a tonal contrast with warm oranges, salmon and peach. For aqua green walls, a combination of white and marine blues can work wonders for your space.

A perfectly paired window treatment can make your living spaces look complete. If you aren?t sure which curtain colour will work best for your specific green wall, consult an interior designer or a home designing professional for the best advice.

Once you decide the colour of your curtains to complement your green walls, it?s time to invest in high-quality fabric. Contact a reputed window treatment store in your local area that offers a great selection of products from top brands at the best prices. You can also order sample fabric swatches before making a purchase.


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