How to Check Uber Ratings in Android

Ratings are part of the feedback. Uber provides the rating system in its app. Ratings helps in improvement. With the ratings, you give your feedback in numbers that person can understand and do better in service. Uber gives authority to both drivers and riders to check Uber ratings.

If you take an Uber ride, you get a chance to give your ratings to the driver on his behavior or service. Even the driver also gives you the ratings which help to make other rides with you.

Let? s see how you can check your ratings on Uber app.

Source: Steps to check Uber ratings (with Pictures)

Driver will give you the ratings after the ride. He will give you the ratings on your behavior during the ride. You can check your ratings on Uber app. This feature is available on both Android and IOS platforms.

  1. Open Uber app: Open Uber app and log in with your Uber account.
  2. Tap on the top menu: Tap on the top menu which is in the left corner at the top.
  3. Tap on the help: You will see some options in the main menu. Tap on ?Help? option.
  4. Tap on ?account and payment? option: You will some options in help section. Tap the ?account and payment? option.
  5. Tap ?account settings and ratings?: Now choose ?account settings and ratings? option.
  6. Tap ?I?d like to know my ratings?: Now tap on the ?I?d like to know my ratings? option to know the ratings given by driver.
  7. Tap ?submit?: You will see a short paragraph and at the bottom, you?ll see ?submit? option. Tap on it.

Now in the middle of the app screen, your ratings will be pop up in the box. Always behave good with driver, if your ratings are below four, then Uber can suspend your Uber account. Same case is for Uber driver partners. Their ratings also affect their work.


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