What is Image Search Catfish — Definition, Importance & Tools

What is Image Search Catfish — Definition, Importance & Tools

Do you want to identify the original identity of a catfish on the internet? This technique and tools, Image Search Catfish, makes it super quick and easy to do an image search for personal or work use.

Just enter the image URL, or upload an image or choose an image from Google Image or Dropbox to perform image search catfish.

What is Image Search catfish

Image Search Catfish is a reverse image search technique used when you want to perform a search by face image to uncover information about a given person and where they appear online.

Image Search CatfishImage Search Catfish

There are free apps that are used to detect human faces and tell you where else on the internet the image of that person (face) appears.

Image search catfish allows you to perform people search with a picture to verify their identities and discover their profiles on social media channels.

With image search catfish you can find the original source of scammers? photographs, profile pictures and memes on your iPad, iPhone and Android mobile phone.

If you?ve come across an image of a scammer on the Internet or social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter and you want to investigate the origin. The best way is to perform a reverse image search catfish using these tools.

Image for postCatfish Search Tools

What Are The Best Catfish Search Tools

Catfish search tools are search engines or apps that can be used to verify anyone?s records or identify scammer social media information through Google reverse face recognition.

Here are my best pick for Catfish Search Tools.

#1. TinEye Reverse Image Search

TinEye is a reverse image search engine that lets you perform search by image catfish and it will tell you where the image appears online.

#2. PicTriev Face Recognition

PicTriev allows the comparison of the similarity of two faces. It easily calculate or estimate whether photos of two faces are the same person.

#3. PinEyes Face Search

PimEyes Face Search uses face recognition and images to search over 11+ million sites for similar faces.

PimEyes is similar to Google reverse face search.

Importance Of Image Search Catfish

The following are some of the importance of catfish image search.

1. Reverse image search catfish also known as people search with photos are important in criminal investigation, ecommerce digital marketing, and fraud detection and prevention.

2. Catfish image search helps you to identify more detailed information about any scammer picture.

3. It helps you uncover usernames and profiles used on social networks to scam catfished victims.

4. Image search catfish lets you scout forums, niche social networks and dating sites to find a person that has more than one social accounts.

5. You can catch fraud with reverse image search using catfish apps and search tools.

How Does Catfish Find Pictures on Google?

Catfish uses Google chrome browser and right clicks on an image and in the menu that appears, click ?Search Google for Image?. This will look for similar or duplicates of an image online.

How Do You Tell If Someone is Catfishing You?

Here are the 8 signs you are being catfished.

1. They tell elaborate stories.

2. The relationship progresses quickly.

3. Social media usage is limited.

4. They seem good and caring.

5. They lack proper grammar.

6. They can?t show their face.

7. They quickly ask for money.

8. They?re always travelling around the world.

9. They are full of excuses of events that affect them financially.

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