How to Change your name on Delta Airlines Ticket?

If you want to change your name on Delta Airlines Reservations then you need to follow some steps. Many a time it happens that you do spelling mistakes and enter your name with wrong spellings. You need not to worry about that and just need to follow these steps to correct your name on Delta Airlines Reservations. First of all, you need to confirm that all the information about the flight ticket is with you, so that there is no further problem while boarding the flight. Keep your confirmation number and other details with you at the time editing you name online or making a call to Delta Airlines Phone Number. Now there are two options, either you can visit their official website or you call on Delta Airlines Phone Number and talk to their customer representatives regarding your name change in Delta Airlines Reservations.

For changing your name on Delta Airlines Ticket from their official website you need to follow these steps:

Visit Delta Airlines website

Further, Select Reservation Menu

Then Click on edit option, from their they can change their existing name

After making changes, do not forget to click on Save

If you face any problem then you can call their customer representatives, they will answer all your queries.

Remember one thing, before changing your name you must ensure that your ticket is refundable, as changing your name on non-refundable Delta Airlines Reservations is bit confusing and requires more process, for that you can call Customer Representatives. Delta Airlines Booking Number could also be used to get other assistance also.


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