Character Traits: Examples and List of Positive & Negative Character Traits

Character Traits meaning! You may well have come across the term character trait, but what does this refer to? In this article, we are going to be looking at exactly what a character trait is and what it is used for. We are also going to be looking at a variety of examples as a way of gaining a greater understanding of their function.

What Is A Character Trait?

A character trait is something which can describe an aspect of someones behaviour. These are individual characteristics which create the personality of either a real life person or of a fictional character. There are both positive and negative character traits seen in any character or person, including yourself!

Often times, people might think of the character trait as being the same thing as the personality trait , however this is not true. The two are quite different, but it is not always easy to determine. The best way of forming a distinction between the two is to think of a personality trait as something which is evident to an outsider, for example ?John was constantly making nasty remarks to his friends, it was clear that he was a viscous person .?

However, the character trait is something which is not immediately obvious to someone on the outside, you will notice that these traits develop throughout a period of time. A good example of this is when you meet someone new and they come across as being friendly and kind, however as you get to know the person, it becomes apparent that they are also very empathetic but this is not immediately noticed and requires getting to know the person and understanding why they are this way.

A character trait is a great way of talking about a person who you know well and describing them to someone else. However, a character trait is also an excellent way of creating a fictional character and is something that is often seen in works of fiction as a way of bringing the characters on the page to life and giving them a more human feel.

Types Of Character Traits

There are various different types of character traits and they can fall into smaller subcategories. We are now going to look at the various different types of character traits as well as some examples of how they are used.

You will notice in each of the examples that the discuss why the person has a specific character trait and this shows us that we are talking about their character rather than their personality.

Morals And Values

Honest-someone who is truthful

Brave-someone who shows courage

Compassionate-someone who understands the situations of other people

Leader-someone who can lead and take control.

Courageous-someone who shows bravery

Unselfish-someone who puts others first

Loyal-someone who is consistently supportive of those close to them

Hard-working-someone who works hard

Independent-someone who thrives well on their own

Selfish-someone who puts themselves before others

Responsible-someone who is capable of being in charge of a task

Considerate-someone who thinks about the needs of other people

Self-confident-someone who believes in themselves

Humble-someone who is meek and does not have a big ego

Let?s now take a look at some examples of how these character traits might be used to talk about a person.

Susan has been through a lot of tough times but it has made her stronger, she is a brave person.

My brother always puts me before himself, he is such an unselfish man.

Mike always encouraged others to be their best and guided them, he was a great leader.

Emotional And Physical

Rich/poor-talking about the material belongings of a person

Strong-someone who can handle a lot of emotional pressure

Dark-someone with a bad personality

Light-someone with a nice personality

Handsome-someone physically attractive which may show in their character.

Messy-someone who is disorganised.

Gentle-someone who is kind and soft, like a mother.

Wild-someone who is vivacious and outgoing.

Joyful-someone who is very happy

Busy-someone who is always occupied

Popular-someone who is loved by many.

Successful-someone who achieves a lot

Able-someone who is capable

Fighter-someone who gets through tough times

Expert-someone who is adept in a certain field.

Imaginative-someone who is creative.

Mischievous-someone who is impish

We will now take a look at how we can use these words to talk about someone?s character.

Sarah has so many friends at school and the same can be said in her adult life, she has always been a popular person.

John constantly makes hurtful remarks to others as a form of fun-he is a very dark person.

My sister excels in all she does, she is successful.


Thoughtful-someone who thinks of others

Creative-someone who has a good imagination

Intelligent-someone who is smart

Proud-someone with pride

Daring-someone who is not afraid to try new and adventurous things

Serious-someone who is not light and takes things seriously

Funny-someone who makes others laugh

Lazy-someone who avoids over exerting themselves

Dreamer-someone who has ambitions, not always realistic ones

Timid-someone who is shy

Ambitious-someone who aims to achieve

Bossy-someone who orders others around

Impulsive-someone who acts spontaneously

Let?s now take a look at how we can use these character traits to talk about a person or fictional character.

My mother is forever telling people what to do, she can?t help it, shes just a bossy person.

My old English teacher never gave us an entertaining lesson, he was too much of a serious man.

Sally doesn?t feel comfortable talking to new people, she is very timid.

I am going to China next week, it?s a spur of the moment vacation but I?ve always been impulsive that way.


The character trait is something that is very useful in talking about a person and what they are like. The character trait is something which is made up from various personality traits and could be anything from an emotion to a moral or belief and anything in between.

Quite often, writers will employ the use of a character trait as a way of making a more unique personality for their characters as well as bringing them to life and making them feel more like real people.

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