How To Change The Suddenlink Wifi Password?

Simple Steps To Change A Suddenlink Wi-Fi Password?

Don?t you want to change the default SSID and password? We have come with a solution that is ideal for the Suddenlink users, especially the users of Hitron CGNM-2250. The steps given here are ideal for the users of Google Chrome, and any other browser capable of inspecting and editing HTML elements. Here you can find the steps of changing Suddenlink Wi-Fi password. Before presenting them, we have verified these steps by the officers of Suddenlink customer service.

  • Type the gateway address of your modem or router
  • The default gateway address is for Hitron CGNM-2250
  • The default Username/Password is cusadmin/password
  • Go to the upper-right corner and choose Wireless
  • It will open Wireless settings page
  • Then you need to make right click on the SSID field
  • Choose Inspect in it
  • Now you need to click on review the Chrome developer tools
  • Find the highlighted element from the lots of scary looking codes available here
  • Then you need to click Edit Attribute and press the Delete key
  • It will delete the Disabled key
  • Go to the upper-right corner and click on the close button
  • It will close the developer tools
  • You will now get the SSID field editable
  • Change it as per your desire
  • Repeat the previous steps for any more change you want to do

As we have verified these steps with the tech support engineers, you should follow these steps without any doubt. The process of changing the password will take a couple of minutes, but it is a sure-shot way to do the same. Change your default SSID and password today! You can receive technical aid from the officers of Suddenlink customer service. They will do that happily without changing anything.


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