How to change the status HP Printer Offline Windows 10 to online?

How to change the status HP Printer Offline Windows 10 to online?

It is frustrating, but you are not the only one suffering from a printer offline issue for HP in Windows 10. In short many of the HP, Printer users are confronting this error nowadays. So if you are wandering why it is showing like that. It will be a waste of time. Yes, many of the users want to know what it is all about. So if you are also the one here you go.

How to fix HP Printer Offline Windows 10 issue?

It is the most common problem that often arises due to low network connectivity speed between computer and printer. People often try to click the print button again and again. But when nothing works out and everything remains as is, they are not able to decide what to do. We know in fact because of lack of technical knowledge many are not able to find out why actually they are facing it? So before going to eliminate this technical glitch let?s talk about it. Printers usually go offline due to paper jams and minor network connectivity issues. But when it comes to the device it sometimes happens due to the outdated printer drivers or hardware related issues. No doubt it prevents the printer from being available online. Well sometimes apart from trying some solutions going manually does the work.

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Troubleshooting tips for HP Printer Offline Windows 10 issue

In short, if you are dealing with HP Printer Offline problem in your Windows 10 OS, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Try to restart the device it is known for bringing the whole system back to its normal form.

Now check the internet connection, in short, make sure whether your HP printer and computer are connected to network in a proper way or not.

In the next step go to Administrator Rights.

Here you must have to choose ?Devices and Printers? by clicking on the ?Start? button.

Now once you right-click on ?Printers? hit ?See what?s printing? to open the spooler.

Now once you open the printer make sure you end up with unchecking the ?Use Printer Offline? Option.

Once you get it done the status is sure to change as ? Online?

These above steps in all respects will be helpful for you to fix HP Printer Offline Windows 10 issue. So don?t worry or go anywhere just stick to it until it gets back online.

Well if you still have any doubts regarding this issue or this issue is still not resolved contact experts for further assistance.


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