23 Best Popular Science YouTube Channels

23 Best Popular Science YouTube Channels

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One man said ?To become a genius you need to learn new thing every day?.

So instead watching stupid TV-shows, TV-series or new SUPER DUPER BLOCKBUSTER with 3 lines of scenario, it?s much better to spent this time on learning something new. That?s where popular science do her job 🙂

So thanks to my friends, we gathered list of YouTube channels that we are watching in a free time, and which are pretty cool:

  • Kurzgesagt ? In a Nutshell
  • 3Blue1Brown
  • Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky
  • acapellascience
  • The Science Asylum
  • minutephysics
  • TED-Ed
  • PBS Space Time
  • PBS Infinite Series
  • Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ? Physics.
  • SciShow Space
  • Vsauce
  • Vsauce2
  • Vsauce3
  • Veritasium
  • CrashCourse
  • Numberphile
  • SciShow
  • Two Minute Papers
  • Khan Academy
  • World Science Festival
  • Scientific American
  • DrPhysicsA

Added by community recommendation:

  • Brain Craft
  • Gross Science

If you will watch all of them, then please write comment here, i just want to know that it?s possible 🙂

Also if you know some interesting channels, please post them in comments.


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