How to Cancel Seaworld EZPay (Busch Gardens / Aquatica)

How to Cancel Seaworld EZPay (Busch Gardens / Aquatica)

SeaWorld does everything it can to make canceling an EZPay account frustrating and annoying.

This applies if you?re trying to log in through Busch Garden and Aquatica, too.

Here are some of the problems:

  1. Their policy page includes a dead phone number and broken link

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The link redirects you to the account page. The number isn?t in service.

2. There?s no option to cancel in the account page

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It?s nowhere to be found.

3. You?re redirected to call (but there?s no 24/7 customer service)

From their Busch Garden?s site (which was the only one out of SeaWorld and Aquatica I saw listing this blurb):

How do I end my Pass or modify my Pass to a different Pass type?

We certainly hope your intent is to change your Pass type and not cancel it entirely!

If you want to change or cancel your Pass, please contact our call center at 813?884?4386. Our helpful agents can help you convert your pass and payments accordingly.

4. Google?s blurb is to a dead page

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5. Or you could take a trip over to the park (fun fun)

Cause who doesn?t like i4 traffic to cancel your tickets?

Bonus: Legal Troubles

Cancelation Status: Complete

I got around to calling on Monday (01/07/19).

The process was:

  1. Call 1?407?545?5550
  2. Press #3 for EZ Pay account
  3. Wait on hold

The wait time was 21 minutes.

They checked the phone # associated with the account. Then, name and address. They said they processed the cancellation.

However, they said they don?t send confirmation. But, I did find their page which also works as the EZ Pay account management.

Looking on there I could see:

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So, I think we?re good. yay!


Hopefully, this helps someone out there since I couldn?t find much online.


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