How To Build Unbreakable Confidence

How To Build Unbreakable Confidence

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?Confidence? (noun): the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something, firm trust.

Antonyms: uncertainty, doubt

Latin ? ?confidere? ? have full trust

Many people have a false sense of confidence. False confidence leads to poor self-awareness, low self-esteem, arrogance, and an inflated ego. Many people confuse arrogance as confidence. Arrogance isn?t grounded in anything. In order to truly be confident, one must have it grounded in internal strength.

Someone is confident if they?

  • Can withstand and grow despite problems, challenges, and setbacks.
  • Are secure within themselves.
  • Bring people up, not break them down.

How to build confidence?

1. Build character

True confidence comes from character, molded in virtue. Character comes from integrity, with your thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

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2. Be self-aware

Confidence comes with being honest with yourself: who you are, your strengths, your weaknesses, capabilities, and abilities.

?Know Yourself, Know Your Worth? | How To Become Dangerously Self-Aware?

What is Self-Awareness?

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3. Gain experience

Build self-belief by having many kinds of experiences, changing you for the better. Build experience from self-knowledge, so when you speak, you can speak with confidence.

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Experience is exposure.

4. Build knowledge

Knowledge is a web of facts, information, insights, ideas, intuitions, and more. Seek quality sources of knowledge. Get the FACTS.

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Absorb knowledge daily.

5. Face your fears

Create a plan to be with your fear(s). Fears don?t just ?go away?. Face them, step into the unknown.

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The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

6. Connect with your spirit

Connect with your spiritual side to become present, grounded, and energetically charged. Understanding and experiencing the light and dark sides of spirituality will help you build spiritual confidence.

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Read Philosophy and Spiritual texts.

7. Explore your interests

Explore your passions and interests. Find positive activities that you love, do them, master them.

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?Confidence comes from competence.?

8. Live a healthy lifestyle

Health FIRST: nutrition, exercise, and mental health. Eat wholesome, nutrient rich foods. Create a balanced fitness routine for you. Physical confidence is the most immediate form of confidence. Practice self-care, and be mindful of your emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

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Build a strong mind, body, and soul, your stronghold.

9. Live by principles

?Principle? (n): a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.

Live a principle-centered life: Discipline, honesty, courage, respect, integrity, compassion, duty, loyalty, etc.

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10. Ask yourself questions

Examine yourself by asking questions, and answering them. Present arguments against your beliefs and statements, then try to defend them. Being able to provide evidence/support for why you believe, think, or do something a certain way builds confidence.

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17 Self-Awareness Questions You Need To Ask Yourself in 2017

Questions lead to Self-Awareness. Self-Awareness leads to Self-Mastery.

11. Test your confidence

Compete, face your fears, push past your comfort zone.

Anyone can be confident in ideal and and positive circumstances. It is when hardship, negativity, and trials come that confidence is really tested.

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Confidence needs to be tested.

12. Understand your beliefs

Understand your beliefs by seeking truth. True belief builds confidence, because you know your convictions are grounded in truth.

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Beliefs need questioning.

13. Have a reason

One must have a reason to feel confident. It is not enough to say to yourself, or someone ?you are confident?. Confidence must be grounded in character. Confidence needs to be rooted in trust, something true, YOU.

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Find your sources of confidence.

14. Confidence needs preparation

You need to prepare before feeling confident. You must prepare your body, mind, or soul in some fashion that makes you a better person. If you?ve prepared to the best of your ability, then you have the mental edge. The mental edge of knowing you?ve already put in the work, and you are capable.

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Confidence is the reward from proper preparation.

Remember: Confidence is a tree, roots and soil are the foundation. The roots and soil must be grounded in substance that is nourished and cultivated so the tree may grow strong. In storms, that tree will remain stable and true. False confidence is a dying tree, which may outwardly appear strong, but beneath the surface, has rotten wood. Rotten trees don?t withstand any storms or weathering.

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