How To Become Irresistible To Your Ex: How To Make Your Ex Want You Back So Bad

How To Become Irresistible To Your Ex: How To Make Your Ex Want You Back So Bad

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How to become irresistible to your ex ? How to make your ex want you back so bad.

You are desperately still in love with your ex and you have come off the end of line in thinking of ways how to attract your ex. You have been in a relationship with them before, so you know them best. You know the things that annoy them, and the things that please them. Take advantage of this knowledge in planning how to attract your ex.

Temporarily restrain yourself from trying to contact them, and gather yourself and your blasted rational mind together. Take some time off your miserable and emotionally draining existence and think back on these things:

* What did they like best about you?* What annoys them about you?* How can you use these knowledge to work for your advantage in planning ways in how to attract your ex?

Improve yourself.

Enhance the characteristics that he likes best in you and learn to restrain or change the annoying habits that he dislikes about you. This will take some time and lots of practice to build new habits. So take your time and don?t be in a hurry to get there.

Meanwhile, take the time to enjoy life with your friends and new acquaintances. Start your self improvement with their help and support. Engage in new and wholesome activities that would enhance your self esteem and your self confidence.

You wouldn?t notice the passing of time while you are occupied with your self improvement and at the same time are enjoying a new life. By the time you meet them, your plans on how to attract your ex, would have begun and fallen into place without conscious efforts on your part.

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Wouldn?t it be ideal if you could make your ex fall back in love with you again? Wouldn?t that be the dream way to get them back?

Surely the answer for most people would be yes. But most people also fear that it would be difficult or even impossible to make it happen. But think about it for a moment. Would it really be that hard?

In fact you have a major advantage over anyone else when you want to make your ex fall back in love with you. After all, you held their heart once, so you know you have the qualities which attract them. All you have to do is remind them why they first fell for you, and there?s a good chance that you can make your ex fall back in love with you again.

The problem is the breakup, and the things that drove you apart. Alongside the love, there?s bound to be some anger and bitterness, and you need to get past that to give yourself a chance of success.

If your ex has turned their back on you, and doesn?t want to see or hear from you any more, then you can?t rush in with all guns blazing and expect them just to fall back into your arms. You?ve probably been doing a bit of this already, and instead of getting your ex to come back, it?s driven them further away.

You need to be a bit more patient and subtle. In the end, your ex needs to feel that it was their idea to get back together, because that way they?ll be not just willing but eager participants in your new relationship. Unless they feel it was their decision, you won?t be able to make your ex fall back in love with you again.

So follow these tips to have them back beside you and eating out of your hand again.

Set Yourself Free Of Them

Stop making your passion for your ex so obvious!

People always want the things they can?t have. If your ex knows they could have you back whenever they want, there?s nothing to stop them keeping you on the back burner indefinitely. Knowing that you will always be there waiting should they ever want you is the surest way to guarantee that they never will.

Make Yourself Scarce

Stop being at their beck and call.

You have to build a new life without them, and this has to be your priority. The surest way to live a life in which nothing happens is to wait for events to come to you. So don?t wait at home hoping your ex will call. Go out and do something you enjoy.

Remember that your life does not include your ex any more, and they have no right to expect you to ?be there? for them. Even if it?s hard at first, you?ll find that the more you do, the more you will want to do and the less you will think about your ex.

Pamper Yourself

Make a fuss of you by treating yourself to a luxury or two you enjoy.

All your money is yours now to spend on yourself, so indulge in a few of your favourite treats. Do whatever makes you feel good, and make a resolution to get yourself looking and feeling great.

This is not the time to give in to the urge to binge because you are feeling down. Looking good will show your ex that not only are you doing fine without them, but they have also lost a prize that was well worth keeping.

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Appreciate What You Have

Instead of obsessing over how unhappy you are, think about the good things you still have.

Being a ?glass half full? person will give you a completely different outlook from one whose glass is always half empty; and everyone else will pick up on your positive vibes. Being happy draws people towards you, and instinctively makes them feel that you have something they would like to share and be part of.

Let Go of the Past

Don?t keep obsessing over what went wrong and what you could have done differently.

Dwelling on the past pulls you down and robs you of the will to make changes. You cannot change or undo what has already happened. You need to look forward and find reasons to be optimistic.

Having negative thoughts and feelings will show in your manner and your outlook, and other people will pick up all your negative vibes. There is no quicker way of ensuring that nobody wants to be with you. Not only will you fail to make your ex fall back in love with you, but you?ll be in danger of chasing away your other friends too.

Welcome Changes

Even though you?ve just suffered a very unwelcome change ? your breakup; try to see change in a positive light.

The breakup has happened now; it?s history. Further changes are inevitable if you are going to move on. So try to use this opportunity to improve the aspects of your life over which you still have control.

Set goals for yourself and make a realistic plan to achieve them. Any kind of success right now, however small, will be an enormous confidence booster, and will show your ex that actually, you can do fine without them. All the words in world won?t convince them even a fraction as well as seeing you take action to turn your life around.

Love Yourself First

If you don?t find yourself lovable, then no-one else will.

Being happy with the person you are takes away the need to regain your ex?s love in order to validate your belief in your own worth. When a breakup is truly devastating to the person who has been dumped, it?s often because they relied on their partner to make them feel worthwhile and valuable.

Learning to love yourself will take away much of the power your ex has over you, because you won?t need their love just to feel good about yourself.

The paradox is that to make your ex fall back in love with you, you need to start moving on and showing them that they are not necessary to your happiness. The less sure of your love they feel, the more valuable and desirable it will become to them. It?s human nature. People never want something more than when they fear it?s about to be taken away from them.

And whatever happens, you will have started the process of recovery. You won?t still be in the dark place you were when you started out on your journey. Instead you will be on your way to somewhere new and better.

One you?ve started on your path to recovery,you will need to know when and how to contact your ex.

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