How to Become a Bird Scooter Charger

How to Become a Bird Scooter Charger

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If you?re anyone like me, (a broke 20 year old with the hunger and passion to be successful financially) I can only assume you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, always wondering how you can make some money on the side to start saving for your future.

You?ve found yourself here because you are interested in becoming a Bird Charger and want to know the responsibilities it entails, and more importantly, how you can begin the hunt for that bread ($$$).

Bird Charger Application Process

Becoming a Bird Charger is easy, and as long as you have the drive to go out and hunt for these things, you WILL earn money.

Before you Apply!

I have answered a few common questions about getting started in the application process.

  • ?Does it cost any money to become a Bird Charger??

There is a one-time, $30 deposit for the three charging cables Bird starts you with. You will not have to pay Bird any additional amount.

  • ?How much do Bird Chargers get paid??

The pay varies by the individual. Chargers get paid anywhere from $3 to $20 per scooter they charge. (Depending on battery percentage, last time the scooter was ridden/located, difficulty of location, etc.)

One awesome thing about Bird is that they pay you the same day you release your fully charged scooters, as long as they are released between Bird?s 4?7 AM time frame.

  • ?How long does it take to become a Charger??

The application process is fairly short and doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Bird will send your chargers out quickly as well. After your application is submitted and Bird has contacted you asking what vehicle you will use to pick up scooters, allow 1?3 weeks for your chargers to arrive.

1. Signing up!

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You may sign up to become a charger both in-app and online. I will walk you through the desktop signup process in this guide.

As pictured above, you must fill out Bird?s sign up form. Once this is completed, you will be prompted to enter in some more information such as your SSN, tax information, direct deposit information, etc. This information is collected for Payment and Taxation purposes.

After the sign up process is complete, Bird will contact you, letting you know they will contact you even further once your chargers have shipped out.

2. Wait? (Sitting Duck)

How quickly you receive your charging cords depends on how many applications Bird is receiving at the moment, and how many chargers Bird actually needs in your area.

The general time frame one must wait to get their chargers is around 1?3 weeks. For example, I am in the Phoenix area. After signing up during the weekend, I received my chargers within the same week and was able to start making money.

3. Start Charging!

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Once you receive your 3 chargers, open your Bird Mobile App and you should now see ?Charger? Mode available to select.

Once you select ?Charger? mode, you will see several different options than what in ?Rider? mode, such as ?Release Birds, My Tasks, Earnings, and Wake Up Birds?.

From this screen, you can toggle between ?Charger? and ?Rider,? whenever you?d like. The amazing thing about charging is being able to do it whenever, and wherever you?d like!

Once ?Charger? Mode is enabled, the Bird Map and scooter icons will change.

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As mentioned earlier, you will be paid anywhere from $5 to $20 per fully charged scooter that you release, which can be seen here.

This is where the HUNT begins!

  • Green: $5 Lowest payout, easiest to find.
  • Yellow: $7?14 Mid range payout, harder to find and have lower battery than Green scooters.
  • Red: $15?20 Highest Payout, hardest to find, sometimes have little to no battery.

To give you a taste of my personal experience, I was able to find 5 Green Birds on my first night ever Bird Charging, totaling $25 for a little under 2 hours of work.

Once captured, take the Birds to wherever you?d like to charge them, and simply plug them in as if you were charging a smartphone!

The scooters take anywhere from 3?5 hours to charge, depending on the scooter?s battery when you grab it.

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In order to receive FULL PAYOUT, you must release your captured and fully charged Birds between 4?7 AM the next morning after charging.

When releasing Birds, they must be dropped off at ?Nests?.

You can reserve 1 nest at a time, for 30 minutes each when releasing Birds in the morning. The trick is to go as early as possible so you can claim the nests closest to you before the competition does.

Doing this will save you from having to drive across town in order to release a couple Birds!

Once your birds are released and it has been documented, you should receive payment later that SAME day!

If you want to read more from me, clap and shoot me a follow!

If you have any questions regarding how to become a Bird Charger or regarding scooters in general, please feel free to ask me any questions, or use the help tab in the Bird App!


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