How to be Less Boring and Maybe Even Fun

Everyone wants to be funny.

Really, we do. Sometimes we?re shy to admit it but everyone wants to be That Guy or Girl, the one who can crack people up with a sharp one-liner.

This is not (necessarily) fuelled by a secret desire to forge a stand-up career, but because being able to make people laugh gives the impression you are socially skilled, cool to be around, loving life, POPULAR.

Of course this is often a facade; some of the greatest comics in history have struggled with anxieties, depression and reclusiveness. Humour can be a temporary way of turning the darkness outwards instead of in.

Being genuinely funny is an art ? and it?s difficult. Not many people can consistently pull it off (without alcohol), nor should they try. Contrived humour (?did you hear the one about??), especially when it doesn?t fit your personality, will peg you as more fool than funny.

While it?s true that being funny can boost your popularity, striving to be popular is a dumb goal. Striving to be anything you?re not in order to get something you want is a dumb goal.

But there?s nothing wrong with trying to be ? and have ? more fun. And there?s everything right in trying to make life lighter and sweeter for the people in your world.

Here are some ways to rev yourself up. If you don?t think you?re boring (or don?t know), take the test here. You might be surprised (or freaked out).

1. Make your goals spicy.

Check what you?re aiming for this month, this year and in life. If your goals make you feel tired and bored then you?re probably tired and bored with life and tired and boring to be with. Throw out the list and make a new one full of things that light you up.

2. Drop the cool act.

If your reason for getting up is to post air-brushed selfies and keep everything you say and do lined up with your Personal Brand, go away, you?re making us yawn. Don?t take yourself so seriously. You are not as cool as you think ? no-one is.

3. Tell stories but know when to stop.

Telling a great story will make you a people magnet. Not knowing when to stop will do the opposite. Be aware of the difference.

4. Hide your phone from yourself.

Visible phones give others the impression you?d rather be somewhere else. Or you?re waiting for someone cooler to call. We?re all guilty of this but once you get over your offline angst, being phone-free will help you stay in the moment.

5. Initiate something. ANYTHING.

Get off the couch. When was the last time you came up with a spontaneous activity for you and your partner/family/friends ? then followed through on it? Surprise them and they?ll look at you with fresh eyes.

6. Take the muzzle off.

Voice your opinions; try hard to lock your inner critic in a cage. Even if you struggle with shyness or social anxiety, take a tiny risk. You can?t get through life saying all the right things and having everyone love you ? not even close ? so get in the game now.

7. Screw with your routines.

Don?t be and do same old, same old, every day. Change it up. Enough said.

8. Do (or try) interesting things.

It will give you interesting things to talk about. It will give people something to ask you about. Mostly, it will give you more investment in your own life ? and that excitement will radiate through you.

9. Take a conversation somewhere.

Be curious. When talking to someone, wait for their response and take it somewhere that relates to THEM. Then do it again. All roads shouldn?t lead back to yourself.

10. Smile.

I know, being told to smile is patronising. But when you see someone laughing and smiling in the world it?s human nature to want a piece of that. Also smiling is very, very easy. Why not do the simple stuff first?

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