How to Be a Female Player (Playerette)- Tips From a Guy

How to Be a Female Player (Playerette)- Tips From a Guy

Just as men can be players, women can also be playerettes.

Playerettes are women who manipulate and use men for money, gifts, attention and validation (and sometimes for sex as well).

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If you are a woman who wants to be a playerette, here are some tips:

  1. Be attractive: Men are visual creatures, and if you want to lead men on or gain their attention, you need to be physically attractive. Sorry, but you won?t be able to play men if you are fat/old/ugly. Take good care of your physique, apply make-up and dress your best. Aside from getting guys to notice you, you?ll also feel more confident this way.
  2. Choose the right guy to target: Attractive guys with options won?t give you the time of day. They?ll get tired of your games pretty soon and will move on to the next girl, dumping your sorry a**. Choose guys who are nerdy/unattractive and who clearly aren?t good with women. Pay attention to these guys and they will return the favor 100-fold, and they?ll hang on to your every word!
  3. Stroke a guy?s ego: Men have large egos and they like to be stroked. Go up to the guy and tell him how successful/smart/attractive he is, and sincerely mean it. People in general find (sincere) compliments irresistible.
  4. Be comfortable with physical touch: Guys are physical beings. They like to touch and (sometimes) be touched. Let guys hug you and get a little touchy with you. Of course, this doesn?t mean that you should let them grab your boob, finger your cooch, or slap your butt but if you are uncomfortable with guys being a bit touchy with you, being a playerette may not work out for you.
  5. Respect guys and be a good listener: Look if you are the sort of woman who believes all men are dogs and that men ?oppress? women, and wear your misandry on your sleeves, guys won?t put up with you after a while. Respect men, and understand what men want (and no, it?s not just sex). Listen to their opinions and value their feelings.
  6. Don?t ever get (or appear) jealous: The guy you are targeting may talk to or flirt with other women, sometimes right in front of you. Don?t get jealous of this. Firstly understand that just as you have the ?right? to play guys and play the field, guys also have the right to play girls. And secondly, if you get jealous, it?s game-over for you. You won?t be at the top of your game anymore and people will figure you out.
  7. Don?t always be available for guys: Maintain an active personal life with your own close group of friends. Say ?no? every 3 times out of 5 a guy wants to hang out with you.
  8. Keep your personal life vague: If a guy asks you personal questions (regarding your relationships, schedule etc), give him vague or misleading answers.


  1. Don?t accept very expensive gifts: While a chocolate or a medium-priced hand-bag is fine, don?t accept over-the-top gifts (like diamonds, designer shoes etc), even if you are offered them. Men hate (HATE) to be used for their money more than anything else, and an angry man can cause you real harm. Protect yourself and don?t play with fire.
  2. Eventually you have to quit the game: As you turn old, men will no longer pay you the same attention that they used to when you were younger. Prepare for this, and don?t become resentful.
  3. Understand that people are going to judge you: Just as men are judged harshly by some people for being players, they?ll judge you harshly for this too (and no, there are no double-standards here that favor men). If you really want to be a playerette, don?t let this get to you.

Good luck!


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