How to Attract a Virgo Man? Get Him Attracted to You

How to Attract a Virgo Man? Get Him Attracted to You

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Want to know how to attract a Virgo man? Virgo men can be shy at times and not always easy to get to know, but they are wonderful Platonic and romantic friends ? their perfectionism makes them impressive dates!

Have you found one that you find attractive? Easy to see why ? they are smart, loyal, and with both feet on the ground. Here?s what you need to know if you want a Virgo man attracted to you, who born between August 23 and September 22.

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How to Attract a Virgo Man?


Laying the foundation

  1. If you are interested in a Virgo man, try to become friends first. Virgos are not passionate creatures, ready to dive into bed with you right away. They like to know exactly what they are getting into. They will not be carried away by a whirlwind of romance. So try to befriend first! Show him you really mean it, and his interest is piqued.2
  2. Make sure he respects you. The Virgo guy wants a girl to look stylish. She is smart, has everything well organized. She doesn?t like gossip or trivial cows and calves just to be able to listen to herself. Don?t try to arouse his lust (the Virgo man knows that?s cheap); get him to see you as a person worthy of being respected by him.
  3. Don?t come to him with nice lip gloss, well-timed back hair and blinking lashes. Show him who you are. Show him a person who is great and knows it. Be real. That?s the only way you can actually earn his respect and loyalty.
  4. Be direct. The Virgo man is not the most direct, bold sign of the zodiac out there, to say the least gently. You may need to give him some not-so-subtle hints to make it clear that you like it. He sometimes needs it to be sure before taking action himself. Can you blame him? Nobody likes rejection!
  5. He reacts to the appearance in the same way as to touch. So instead of touching his arm as any girl does, give him that look that almost screams, ?Kiss me.? Before you know it, it will melt at your feet.4
  6. Get ready to take action. If this figure is anything, it is a perfectionist. He notices and expects every little detail. He ensures that everything in his wardrobe is sorted by color, size, date of purchase, and number of clothes. He sees when pictures in a frame are not centered exactly when a curry lacks the right amount of spices. This has advantages and disadvantages ? so focus on the benefits!
  7. He is the kind of person who notices if you have gained half a kilo. He?s the kind of person who can look at your hair and notice when one strand is wrong. Give him the benefit of the doubt ? he?s just trying to get everything perfect. He is also the type of man who will make sure your time together is exactly how you want it. That makes up for all those mosquito-like comments, doesn?t it?
  8. Expectation. Do you remember when we talked about perfectionism? How can something be perfect if it is not the best? Virgo also expects things to be beautiful. Not necessarily the most expensive (actually the exact opposite ? but more about that), but solid and well thought out. He can take a simple T-shirt and jeans and make it look classy because of the thought behind it. That?s how the relationship will be!
  9. Because he thinks everything through, your outings will be well planned and extravagant, in their own way. He will take you to a restaurant he is sure is good and knows exactly what he wants to order and what to say to the staff to get the best table. He arranges an evening where the details have been perfected so that you wonder how he can make it so effortless.


Be compatible

  1. Make your look simple. Wear simple clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and jewelry ? avoid ALL excess, considering that Virgo guys love natural beauty. Do you understand that practical part of him? That is where it originates from. They really don?t like ?showery? or ?artificial.? How refreshing!
  2. Virgo wants his partner to be real. Who not? Although they like beautiful things, they have nothing to do with brands. Simple and chic resonate with them much more than finery and expensive. You should be what seems brightest, not that shiny necklace you wear.
  3. Be clean and tidy. Ensure good personal hygiene and take care of yourself as clean and tidy as possible. And just as your body should be clean, that also applies to your living situation! If a Virgo man walks into a house and finds piles and piles of junk, he won?t be back anytime soon. Have a clean mantra when it comes to your whole life.
  4. If you don?t do this, you risk finding him in your bedroom while he?s cleaning up. Or suggest a new soap to get rid of the smell. Throwing away all dressings that are past their dates and were still in your fridge. There are conversations that you better avoid!
  5. Don?t be extravagant and wasteful. Back to that practical side. Virgo knows exactly what he needs and exactly what he no longer needs. Just as he does not start with unnecessary displays of affection ? he does not really like excess anyway ? he would like a partner with the same mentality. Things don?t have to be complex and unnecessary. That would just mean worrying about more things or worrying!
  6. If a Virgo man is cooking for you in your kitchen and finds 6 pots of peppers, 5 of which are open, he may be wondering if you were too lazy to go through your kitchen cabinets before doing your shopping and knew you were wasting money. So do yourself and your budget (and nature!) A favor and take an example from him.
  7. Be stable. Because Virgo is an earth sign, he expects his partner to be stable as well. Being capricious and prone to anger or mood swings is not his thing. He likes that life is simple, remember? The drama has no place in his world. Emotions are fine, provided they are in the correct dose. Disturbing behavior, gossip, and drama are not!
  8. This doesn?t mean you shouldn?t be telling him how you feel if you?re feeling sensitive. Try to be rational and think logically about it. Instead of calling him, crying because your best friend looks prettier today, you better take a step back. Go to him that night and talk about your struggle with your appearance. He then sees that you are calm and prone to reason ? instead of not being well and incomprehensible.
  9. Expect to be made happy. While you shouldn?t expect great shows or intense theater in this relationship, you can expect him to make you happy. Virgo man likes everything to be perfect and will make sure you are happy. He doesn?t know what to do if you?re not! If you ask him to do something, he will finish it to the end and then go a step further. That?s another partner!
  10. He?s not going to make a big deal about your relationship getting serious anytime soon, but you can be sure he?s thinking about it. When he easily opens up to you, trusts you, allows you to be his rock, know that you are inside. Maybe your name won?t be lit in neon, but you are assured of constant love, forever.

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Get a Virgo man attracted to you ? Making sure it lasts

  1. Know that he is a sign of Earth. Virgo (along with Taurus and Capricorn) is an Earth sign. This generally means that they are very stable and resistant to change. Like the Earth! They are steadfast in their way of doing and know what they want and need. Usually, they won?t open up anytime soon ? but once they do, it?s forever.
  2. Virgo is a sign that can be muted, meaning these features are not carved in stone. But if you want to put them all in one category, you will find that they are generally solid people ? grounded, with a foundation on which they build everything (thoughts or planning), and are in their best balance.
  3. Know that he sometimes needs confirmation. Virgo men are often busy with things in mind. That is why they can become a little detached from reality, which in turn results in an unconscious tendency towards uncertainty. When this occurs, he may need some confirmation. If he is shy about you, let him know that this is not necessary (not necessarily in your own words). Obviously welcome. It may be that he can use that extra push.
  4. Accept it and appreciate it. Rather than wishing he would be more open and more confident, realize that this quality makes him sober, modest, loyal, and far less noticeably megalomaniac than Leo, the sign that precedes it. This sense of uncertainty that comes up every now and then can be a huge relief!
  5. Don?t consider him a know-it-all. Because he notices all kinds of small details, many people consider him a know-it-all. He takes one look at your pie chart and can tell you there is a 1% deviation. Not only does he notice it, but he also says something about it. This can be a bit annoying if you don?t realize he?s just trying to get everything right. And why not?
  6. The good thing about Virgo is that if you control your thing, he can handle it! He is open to debate and enjoys talking about things he has learned and experienced. So next time your Virgo man corrects something about you, don?t hesitate to say, ?No! I did this on purpose!? and then explain why.
  7. Understand his hesitation to act. The Virgo doesn?t just jump in anywhere ? from relationships to conclusions. He needs a plan for everything ? how else could he know it will be perfect and above all, acceptable? So if he doesn?t immediately declare love to you, don?t immediately doubt his feelings. He needs time. Give it to him.
  8. Your relationship may start slowly, but that?s fine! This is the way Virgo man works. It is not an indicator of a lack of passion or anything negative. He will open up to you at some point if you can bear the patience. After all, good things are worth waiting for.
  9. Know that it is practical rather than poetic. When it comes to romantic gestures, you shouldn?t expect love songs from your Virgo man over your little left toe. That just makes no sense. Why would he waste his time on that? But he will lend you his sweater when you are cold; he will keep the door open for you; he will give you the perfect present on your birthday because those things mean something. That?s the right material, anyway. Who wants a poem about their toe?
  10. This can be frustrating when you are looking for affection and are very sensitive. They will not answer that and do not seem to understand it. If so, you will need to relax for a while. Look at it from a distance and realize they just don?t operate that way. They will show their feelings in a different way soon enough.


  • They hate people who act like something they are not. Who isn?t, to be honest?
  • Clean your house before you ask a Virgo man to visit. Virgos HATE filth and clutter.
  • Watch your manners ? including your table manners!
  • Watch your language! Virgo zodiac men are very averse to the overuse of curse words and will not tolerate it!
  • Ask a Virgo man to dance. Then he can take a break from his worries and enjoy a carefree, fun time.
  • Virgo is a perfectionist. Keep away from him if you aren?t a perfectionist yourself!
  • If you give a Virgo a job, he will do his utmost. But he doesn?t need money or anything like that; above all, he needs appreciation.


  • Just like women with that zodiac sign, men with the zodiac sign Virgo do not like those who are selfish or rude!
  • Like the Scorpio, Virgo zodiac signs can be EXTREMELY private, jealous, and even crabby.
  • Men with the zodiac sign of Virgo have their opinions ready. Keep this in mind if you are experiencing uncertainty.

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