How to access the dish mail login page online?

How to access the dish mail login page online!

Dishmail is a company that operates its email service in the United States of America. Although this company is not very popular for its services across the globe but preferred in the United States of America. The email service is known for its simple and convenient user interface. Not only this, but the email also have introduced many new options and services to benefit the users in every way. And with the advancement in technology, the email also developed its features so that it can be installed on Windows, Android devices and even on iPhones as the email application.

And as the users have multiple emails hence it might turn out to be confusing two emails at the same time but in different ways. Hence, they might get confused about how to use both the emails simultaneously. And to resolve such an issue, the users can set up either one of the emails at one place. And this can be done by setting up the Dishmail to another email account. So, if you are an iPhone user then you can set-up email with iPhone in simple steps which are mentioned below.

Setting Up on iPhone

  1. Unlock your iPhone and then go to the ?Settings? option from the home page.
  2. Scroll down and select the option of ?Mails, Calendars and Contacts?.
  3. A new screen with various options is displayed in front of you. Go to the mail option and then select ?Add Account? to move further.
  4. To select the name of the email you want to add choose the option ?Other? and then select as the email.
  5. When the new screen is displayed in front of you, start entering all your details that are been asked to start the account.
  6. The user can start by entering your first name, last name, username and password and then tap ?Enter?.
  7. Now enter all the important information that is asked like the incoming server settings with port and then select the outgoing server settings with port and other options.
  8. Tap the ?save? option to save all the settings.

Hence, with the above steps, all the iPhone users can set up and Sign-in Dishmail logs in an account quickly without any hassle.

Unable to Add Account? Contact Dishmail Customer Service!

In case the user is having any concern then he is free to contact Dishmail customer service number which is 24/7 active. The qualified customer representatives will be pleased in resolving the users? issues that too in a very short period.


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