How to access Dark Web on Android phone?

How to access Dark Web on Android phone?

Going to Dark Web is a way to explore the hidden side of the web. I show you today how to quickly access it directly from your Android phone. The technique is simple and secure if you follow all the steps.

I?ve already made 2 videos on the subject on my YouTube channel and one of them has been viewed more than 100,000 times! In this article, I show you the method to go on the Dark Web that I used in my last video.

If you?re lazy enough to read, no worries, you will find below the video tutorial with the same steps I develop in this written tutorial.

Links of the video:

  • ? Tor Browser App:
  • ? NordVPN:
  • ? InTheHiddenWiki:
  • ?? More links here: (big thx to PC Place NZ)

2 Essential tools to go on the Dark Web with Android

Before, you needed 3 apps to access the Dark Web(Orfox / Orbot / A VPN), but now it?s much easier!

You will need these two apps :

  • Tor Browser app: to access hidden websites
  • Pure VPN app: to be safe / to have another IP address / not to get hacked or banned?

UPDATE: Now I use PureVPN instead of NordVPN because it is cheaper. The choice is up to you as the two VPN works well. You will find in this article the links of the VPN?s with some deals.

You can?t go to the Deep Web with your regular browser. Just like on a computer, you need Tor Browser to open the .onion links and browse securely.

I?ve been using Pure VPN for over 3 years because it?s always worked well. This VPN is secure and doesn?t save any of your data. Moreover, it does not trace your navigation. Everything you do with this VPN will remain private; even your internet provider won?t be able to see what you are doing. It makes you totally anonymous.

I therefore recommend this particular VPN because it is the best security/price ratio. No bandwidth or hack problems. All your activity data is deleted after your use.

I am often asked if it is possible to use a free VPN but they are not secure enough to block your IP address and personal data from hackers.

Apart from the possibility to have your IP address banned from some Darknet sites or to be hacked, a free VPN will have no qualms about reselling all your activity data to the services asking for them (like the police).

Installing Tor Browser and Pure VPN

1. Tor Browser Installation

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and search for ?Tor Browser?. Get the normal version, not the alpha version.
  2. Click on ?Install?.

tor browser google play storeTor Browser available on Google Play

2. Pure VPN Installation

  1. Go to this link to get a Pure VPN license. It?s a like 10$ per month and you can even watch Netflix US with it.
  2. Go to the Google Play Store and search for ?Pure VPN?.
  3. Click on ?Install?.
  4. Launch the app and enter the credentials you received by email.

Image for postPure VPN on Google Play Store for Android

Steps to go to the DeepWeb on Android

Step 1 : VPN configuration

  • Launch Pure VPN App and select the ?Security Privacy? mode.

Select Security PrivacySelect Security Privacy

  • Click ?Connect? to start the VPN

Click on Connect Pure VPNClick on Connect Pure VPN

The connection takes 10 seconds, you will get a notification and the button will be red. You will then be secure.

Connect VPN for TorConnect VPN for Tor

Step 2: Using Tor Browser to browse the Dark Web

  • Once the VPN is connected, launch Tor Browser. That?s it, you?re now connected to the Dark Web network. Click on ?Connect?
  • Go to a link directory like TheHiddenWiki. Copy and paste this link ( ) and enter it into the Tor Browser URL bar.

inthehiddenwiki websiteInTheHiddenWiki website

Scroll down the page and select the category you are interested in. I will take here the example of category 14 ?Books? for books.

inthehiddenwiki category exampleInthehiddenwiki category example

You will then have several links at your disposal. Click on the one you are interested in. Those marked ?Down? are no longer working. For the example, I will click on the Bible4u link to access the uncensored Bible.

example of dark web websiteExample of Dark Web website

Here?s how to access Dark Web on your Android phone! Here, I took the example of a book, but to find your what you want, you just have to select the right category.

Step 3: Exit the Darknet and disconnect from the VPN

When you?re done using the DeepWeb, close Tor Browser app as a regular app.

Then return to the Pure VPN app and press the red button to log out. You can then exit the app.

So we?ve seen how in 3 steps, it is possible to go on the Darknet from Android. Make sure you follow the steps every time you go there! And don?t do anything stupid ?.

How to access the Dark Web on AndroidHow to access the Dark Web on Android ? Tutorial


Why go to the Darknet? ?

The answer is simple: to access the underwater side of the Internet and get access to content and products you won?t find anywhere else.

Is there a Darkweb app? ?

No, not officially. To get there, you?ll need Tor Browser and a good VPN to be safe.

Is there a risk of going to the Dark web with his phone? ??

If you don?t use a VPN (or a free VPN), then there is a potential risk, as you can be monitored or hacked easily.

What is the difference between Deep Web and Dark Web? ?

Deep Web: all the pages that are not indexed by search engines, but which are not hidden from the engines.Dark Web: pages that are not indexed by search engines, because their administrator hides them from search systems.

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