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August 3, 2016

I would say I am a fairly typical female. My husband tells me that it?s difficult to explain certain things to me because I?m not a logical thinker. Based on a lot of the shit he tries to ?explain? to me, I would also say I am much better off being an emotional thinker.

Admittedly, I don?t spend a lot of time reading magazines, but when I do they tend to be health and beauty, or fashion related. They don?t require a lot of logical thinking to understand.

Here?s the thing however. When I am looking around while in the checkout line at the grocery store, which in my case is Publix, it doesn?t seem to make much difference what type of magazine cover you look at. They all have the phrase ?tips and tricks? or ?tips, tricks, and short cuts? as well as ?How To? practically any subject they are covering.

They all have them in almost every issue of any magazine that doesn?t have a Kardashian on the cover. Fashion magazines use them for accessorizing. Health and Beauty magazines use them for all kinds of things from applying makeup, to achieving the perfect orgasm, to how to get your man to ?notice you in the bedroom.?

I can solve those last two things with one tip in about two seconds. Become a Hotwife! As far as marital sex goes, once you start dating other men, your husband won?t leave you alone in the bedroom, even when you are just dressing to go out.

Regarding your personal sex life that comes with it as you go about fulfilling his fantasy of sharing you with other men, the quality of orgasms are only limited by the quality of the men you connect your body with.

So now that I solved those two problems with my great tip, it occurs to me I can take that a lot farther by moving on to the ?How To? aspect of being a Hotwife.

Since the object of the Hotwife Alternative Marriage Lifestyle is for the wife to date other men for sex, in order to fulfill her husband?s fantasy of sharing her with other men for the benefit to their marriage, by making it more Intimate with better Communication, it might be helpful to know some practical ?How To? tips on how to go about meeting these men in a way that is conducive with her hopefully otherwise busy lifestyle.

Even since I began writing about this amazing marriage enriching lifestyle it has been from the perspective of reality. That?s my bias. The reason for that is because when my husband first began to show me information about the Hotwife Lifestyle it was coming from porn and fantasy websites that linked the Cuckold lifestyle to the Hotwife lifestyle and glorified them both as inexorably tied together. (I intend to address this subject separately)

After we discovered that the reality of the Hotwife lifestyle was not as it was being portrayed it became almost my quest to write about this lifestyle from the perspective of normal everyday couples.

I refer to these normal couples where the wife is a practicing Hotwife as a ?soccer mom hotwife?, but only to make you understand she probably has a job outside the home, 2 kids, a dog, and a mortgage, in addition to her husband.

So from a realistic practical point of view, a new hotwife first has to meet men socially because Hotwife dating is no different than dating for any non married woman. She needs to meet men socially to figure out if there is any sexual chemistry for a more personal physical connection, if you know what I mean.

That?s about as straightforward as I can say it, because even though some soccer mom Hotwives can meet a guy in a club on girl?s night out and end up with him in the Ladies room with her panties on the floor and her ass in a lavatory sink having sex with a guy she has only known for thirty minutes that she danced with a few times, there WAS chemistry.

It was also probably drunk sex, but for a Hotwife that is acceptable, and not really part of this discussion.

Anyway, the Hotwife needs to meet men socially in order to know if there is enough chemistry that she is willing to date him knowing that the object of the date is sex. So how does she meet men socially?

This is not rocket science. It doesn?t even take any logical thinking. It only takes an imaginative open mind. Not only that, but the more experience she gets being open minded, the better her results will be. That?s because the better her results are, the more open minded she will become.

I hope that doesn?t sound complicated because it?s not. It?s simply an upwards spiral. One of the easiest and least stressful ways to do this for a new hotwife, or those considering this amazing Alternative Lifestyle in a non stressful, non sexual way at first, is by playing The Chili?s Game with her husband.

The Chili?s Game is explained fully on my website at A summary of the game is that the husband and wife go into the bar separately and sit on different sides of the bar pretending not to know each other. The Hotwife or prospective Hotwife allows men to approach her socially.

Why would they do that? Puhleeze! Women who are in a bar environment who appear to be alone are fair game for any man. If you are that woman, and you want attention from men you will get it, with a few disclaimers that I?m going to explain right now.

You have to act like you want attention. What does that mean? It means that you have to not act like you don?t want attention, by sitting at the bar with your arms crossed in front of you frowning, while staring at your shoes, or worse.

Picking the right time to do this is dependent on the day and time. You should be able to figure it out through trial and error.

When Michael and I were first starting out, he would take me to social events he found on line specifically so he could turn me out to mingle socially with men we didn?t know because he liked to watch me interact socially with men.

What that means is he likes to watch men flirt with me especially when I flirt back. He took me to things like Library fundraisers, Chamber of Commerce Business After Dark parties, political fundraisers, or any other thing that he could find.

Our two most memorable events of that sort was a Super Bowl Party at a marina where the only person Michael knew, was the host of the party, where I almost consummated a relationship with a guy I met who was showing me his boat privately, and a wedding reception at a hotel in Tampa for one of my former law firm workmates, where I did consummate a relationship with one of the groomsman from Colorado because I was drunk. My husband was thrilled that I ended up spending the night in the wrong room!

Anyway, the idea of going to all these events was to expose me socially to men that neither of us knew so that hopefully I would meet one that met my standards socially, with whom I felt enough sexual chemistry so that I was willing to let him think I was cheating on my husband when I met him at a motel lounge and ended up in one of the rooms letting him remove my panties.


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