Here are the 7 things I learned from my conversation with Abraham Hicks.

?Holy shit!? was all I could say as I looked out at the crowd of five hundred people giving Abraham Hicks a standing ovation. Only, I was the one on stage. I wonder if Abraham orchestrated that final move of the day as a 45th birthday present to me. The desire has been in my vortex, afterall.

Saturday morning I bounced eagerly out of bed at 5:30am, which is pretty significant considering I was out late on a super fun date with a magical man the night before. But that?s the thing about Law of Attraction, when we?re aligned with our inner being, we have gobs of energy to spend on things we love to do.

In my experience, the resources always avail themselves to us when we?re connected to Source Energy and following what feels good.

I rolled up to the workshop in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas about 10 minutes before Esther walked out on stage. The banquet hall was packed with only a few empty seats along the back and outer edges. I like to be front and center for this kinda shit so I asked one of the staff if there were any open seats closer in. He walked up and down shaking his head as he scanned the rows. But as fate would have it, there was an open seat, not too far back or off to the side, next to a couple of cool looking gals who waved me over when I asked if the seat was available.

It was the perfect seat. One of the two ladies recognized me, as I did her, from the Women Rising event we had been to a couple weeks earlier. We introduced ourselves, settled in, and out walks Esther.

If you?ve never been to a live event where Esther channels the teachings of Abraham, you would probably think it?s crazy AF.

I have been listening to the YouTube snippets for a few months now and I find the teachings not only affirm what I?ve come to understand over the years (my philosophy on life) but they also provide practical processes to actually get into a high vibrational state.

Now, is the way the information is delivered a bit odd or hard to explain logically? Maybe. But can you explain how electricity works? Nope, didn?t think so. But you believe it?s real when the light turns on or you get that shock when you touch someone, right?

So ya, the audience was probably full of weirdos (like me!) who have a tendency (or is it an ability?) to relate to a non-physical reality. I?m pretty sure I was surrounded by EMPATHS! If you don?t already know this, my life?s work is to teach empaths how to heal themselves, help others, and make a great living doing so. Which is why I had that mind blowing moment on stage looking out at my people! I have no doubt Abraham gave that to me so I could see and feel what it?s like to lead at that level.

Fuck yes!

As the morning got started, I watched Esther tell the audience how things would go and what to do if we were called to come on stage. There was a guy in the row in front of me that blocked my angled view to the stage where she was but fortunately, they have big screens set up on either side. But as I?m looking at the screen I thought to myself, ?Watching on a screen feels too much like listening to the YouTubes, I want to see Esther engage us.?

I did my best to lean to my left and look around the guy?s head, and Esther walked a bit back and forth on the stage, but it still wasn?t ideal.

I realized I was focused on the situation, an unwanted one, and caught my negative thoughts before they could create a disappointing experience. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and got centered. I remembered that it was a privilege to be there, that I was there for a reason, and that I intended to be open to receiving messages and miracles.

I don?t know exactly at what point the vision came, and it only lasted a moment or two, but it was clear as day.

After I reconnected to my intention, I ?saw? (in a vision) Abraham acknowledging me and felt myself soften as a result. Then I got excited. I knew I would be called on to come up and speak with Abraham.

I thought, huh, that?s cool. Then I said a silent ?thank you? and let it go. The day, afterall, was just getting started and this dude?s head was blocking me from being seen. People from the middle of the room, from the left side and the far right side were called, at random, to come up and ask their questions. One guy asked about divorce. One woman requested a ?rampage of love?. And this other chick talked in circles and asked, ?When are you coming to Europe?? to which Abraham replied, ?What?? all three times she repeated the question.

After the second break, and before the final segment of the day, I noticed the guy wasn?t back in his seat.

The next person to be called on wasn?t too far from my section and as Abraham was waiting for them to make their way to the stage, it happened.

We made eye contact.

It was a direct connection that was held for just a couple beats, but it was the acknowledgement from my vision earlier in the day. Or was it?

I thought, ?Maybe that was it. I was seen by Source Energy. I?m satisfied.? I smiled, closed my eyes and felt the warm gratitude wash over me. Then, in a flash, I heard, ?Nope. You?re going on stage.?

That made me laugh out loud a little and I was just like, ?okay, got it!?

I knew the conversation about physical healing needed to be had that day. None of the others had brought up the topic and in the dozens of YouTubes I?ve listened to, not one was about using Law of Attraction to create healing in the body.

I?ve been on an 11 year journey to heal myself after being diagnosed with a brainstem tumor that had grown to the size of a lime and is located just below my jaw on the right side of my neck. You can see photos and read more here.

Initially, I set out to ?fix what was wrong with my body? because I sure as hell wasn?t going to let a disgusting tumor disrupt my money maker. What I mean is, I used to rely on my looks to make a living. I thought my worth was dependent on how desirable I was to men. This was especially true when I was a call girl, but the belief carried over into later work, and into my relationships. So ya, I was angry and scared when Lumpy showed up.

What I didn?t realize was that the lump would lead me to love.

It makes sense to want to fix what?s broken in our bodies and lives, but what if nothing is actually broken? What if the thing we think is ?wrong? is, instead, a signal? The signal that alerts us to something we?re creating unconsciously that is out of alignment with our inner being.

If our inner being is abundant and joyful and pure positive energy, full of wellness and wholeness and love?

But our physical bodies, and bank accounts, and relationships are fucked?

Doesn?t it stand to reason that we are focused on the wrong things, creating unnecessary chaos, struggle and suffering for ourselves?

After about five years of fighting with my body trying to force it to fix itself, using one alternative therapy after the next, growing more frustrated and depressed, I threw in the towel. I stopped trying. I gave up the struggle and just let it be.

I began to make friends with the part of me I hated most.

It took a while, but I ended up healing the source of the situation. It was never about my body. What was broken was my connection to my inner being.

Today, I teach people how to heal themselves, help others, and make a great living doing it. I have Lumpy to thank for this. Lumpy lead me to love myself unconditionally, and that lead to living in alignment with my inner being and doing the work I was born to do.

I went from hating and fighting to loving and allowing.

So when I was called on stage to speak with Abraham, I declared, ?My understanding is that I?ve healed myself.? To which they replied, ?Yes, you have.?

I will link to the recording when I have it. For now?

ONE: I know more than I let myself believe. Have you ever known something in your gut but let your head talk you out of it? My intuition has been on point my whole life but the logical side of me would often sway my actions. Then when the results were disappointing, I would get angry or feel sad.

I didn?t realize that conflict was the misalignment between my ego/identity and my inner being. I just know I felt shitty. A lot. And then I would cope with things like booze, drugs, and meaningless sex to make myself feel better. None of which worked.

Thanks to Lumpy, I was forced to face my negative beliefs and change my behavior. I started to listen in for what my body needs and trust my inner wisdom. I now have an unfailing inner guidance system. This is where true confidence comes from.

Declaring, ?I?ve healed myself,? and it being affirmed by Source Energy made me realize I do know (and can trust) what I know.

TWO: I?ve been communicating with Them for years. The morning after the workshop I was journaling, like I do every morning. It helps me process experiences when I write about them (thus this article) and I?m able to recall bits of information that can guide my actions in the direction I want to go. I?ve been journaling since I was a little girl. Remind me to tell you the story about the time my dad read my journal when I had my first crush on a boy in 5th grade. No wonder I still have trust issues.

I recognized the Guides I have been talking with since childhood are the same as Abraham.

You should?ve seen my face when that hit me. I froze. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. Mouth hanging ajar, then forming an ?O? as the breath I didn?t know I was holding whooshed out with the most inspired ?OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!? of my life.

Then laughter poured forth as if I had just been let in on the big daddy of inside jokes. How silly of me to think that Source Energy was only communicating through Esther Hicks as the teachings of Abraham. We?ve been connecting and I?ve been that crazy person who talks to Spirit/God/The Guidance/Infinite Intelligence/Whatever-the-fuck-you-want-to-call-it for as long as I can remember. Only now I completely understand the significance and can see how sharing it more is a good thing.

On that note?

THREE: Weird is WONDERFUL! Why wouldn?t I be fully who I am and give zero fucks about what that looks like to people who aren?t like me? I used to try really hard to fit in so that people wouldn?t laugh at me for being weird. I?m pretty sure that time in kindergarten on the playground when I made a rock disappear and told the kids I wasn?t ?from here?, which I?m guessing made me an alien, and consequently made them all laugh and call me nuts, is the reason I spent the next three and a half decades hiding who I am.

But guess what. I am not from here. I am Spirit and I came from the Source of all things. As are you. I can make shit disappear. I can also create anything I desire. And so can you.

When we realize this then we can all stop acting like we?re different. We can live in alignment with pure positive energy, the stuff that creates worlds. We can be the badass we were born to be.

This sounds like a much more interesting, surprising, and delightful way to live. I?m gonna go for it. You wanna join me on this adventure?

FOUR: I create the conditions for healing with people wherever I go. My presence is powerful. I was recognized. Again, I knew this before but having it acknowledged by Abraham was the affirmation that set in motion the uninhibited expression of my abilities. All week, my clients have received that next-level juju from me. I?ve never been one to keep my thoughts to myself, but this week I have held the unwavering intention for the people I work with to have rapid transformation, whether they?re getting 15 or 45 minutes of my undivided attention.

Yes, I have a 4-step system for healing yourself. Yes, I?m a great fucking coach. But my ability to channel is now the leading tool I employ with my clients.

We no longer have the luxury of waiting and watching what happens. We are at a pivotal time in history. We?re in a rapid growth phase in the transformational space. People want to live a life of purpose and meaning now more than ever. They are seeking guidance and mentorship around bringing their dreams to life without the struggle and sacrifice we used to believe was necessary to do so.

The healers are waking the fuck up after years of being told we?re too much. We are coming out of the safe little bubbles we were taught to protect ourselves with and stepping forward to claim our roles as leaders for the transformation of humanity. We can no longer stay silent or small or comfortably numb. We are ready to stand out, to shine bright and light the path to a love-based consciousness that allows all people to be seen and heard.

We have reached the end of the era of fear.

But to be the leaders this world so desperately needs, we must first heal ourselves.

FIVE: My body reflects a past focus and will soon reflect my current focus ? well being. I learned the distinction between healing and wholeness. I was so focused on healing my body I didn?t realize that was keeping me from the experience of well being I already have!

I am already whole. I healed myself months ago. My body is in the process of reflecting that reality and it truly is just a matter of time before you and I no longer observe the representation of a past struggle.

Lumpy was my teacher and I learned who I am because of its presence in my life. I listened (after years of not) to what I had been missing and misunderstanding. I let love enter where hate had been. I allowed myself to see so that I could be seen.

My cells are now reorganizing and my energy field is recalibrating to the frequency of well being, of wholeness.

I feel it. I believe it. I will soon see it?

Just like what I felt, believed, and three hours later saw at the Abraham Hicks workshop. That?s Law of Attraction.

SIX: I?m ready for what?s next ? BADASS LEADERSHIP. I?ve already made the changes in my business to welcome those wanting to learn everything I know, all that the last 25 years as a student of spirituality and business has taught me. I believe empaths make the best coaches. Our Spidey Sense and ability to ?be with? people makes us great at transformational work. We must be masterful with our gift of emotional awareness and skilled in the coaching conversation. We must know how to use our intuitive/psychic abilities. We must also be great at business, specifically, marketing and sales, that is how we attract and activate the people we are meant to serve.

You might already know my background is in the field of intimacy. My career started when I dropped out of college to work as a call girl. I had no idea where that would lead, but I?ve always known my empathic and intuitive gifts would be a part of the work I do.

Over the years, I?ve worked as a massage therapist, been certified to teach yoga and reiki, got a health coach certification, and eventually taught tantra to couples as an intimacy expert. My path has not been an academic one, but rather a real world response to what?s being asked of me, by Source and the people I?m attracting.

Working for myself my entire life created the necessity for learning the art of business. Spiritual entrepreneurship is different than the hustle and grind you hear about from people like Gary Vaynerchuk. We are meant to work in a state of grace and flow. We are meant to use LOA in our success strategies. When we share our stories, speak our truth, and come out of hiding we magnetize those who are meant to receive our medicine.

While it may seem like I?m doing a 180, shifting from intimacy-focused coaching to business and leadership mentorship, it?s actually the perfect evolution. We?ve all heard about the importance of empathy in company cultures, but the next level of conscious business is intimacy.

Intimacy is the intersection of communication, authenticity, and connection. It includes empathy, skilled listening, and mutual agreement. I?ve been a student of intimacy for over two decades, teaching it now in the context of business to my fellow coaches who want to make a difference is an obvious next step.

My business, Badass Empath United exists to teach coaches how to heal themselves, help others, and make 6 figures doing it.

I?m stepping forward to be the spiritual business expert, playing in the big leagues with people like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Esther Hicks, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, and Caroline Myss.

Because what?s missing from Hay House Publishing?

How to have a 6-figure business as an empathic healer. That?s where I come in.

SEVEN: I am magical manifesting mother fucker. My secret? Miraculous Joy. It became uber apparent to me while sitting in the audience. Through all my struggles, being broke, dealing with a brainstem tumor, heartbreak and loneliness, the thing I?ve created and maintained is a sense of joy.

When the evidence in my bank account would suggest there?s no way I should feel good about my life, I did.

When my long held beliefs screamed, ?You are not good enough or anywhere near capable of doing this!? I did it anyway. Joyfully.

When it seemed no one would ever truly see me and love me the way I am, with my past, my flaws, and my crazy AF vision, I had faith.

Every one of us can create moments of Miraculous Joy. The trick is to maintain it. The way to manifest anything we desire is to be in a state of joy even when things are difficult. If you?re like I was, you might be motivated by fear and only make big decisions out of desperation. It?s a pretty common thing.

What I learned is that energy will only get us so far. Usually, we end up repeating an unwanted behavior and going through the same shit year after year. Same relationship dynamic that crashes and burns. Same feast or famine rollercoaster with money. Same 10?20 pounds of weight loss then gaining it right back.

Ever wonder what the real reason is for that? My understanding is, we cannot create or manifest our heart?s desire from fear. We must shift into the vibration of love then joy and gratitude. From there anything is possible.

I plan to share more of what I?m manifesting from Miraculous Joy, so follow me here to watch the magic unfold.

And if you are feeling the vibes from this story, click that clap button a bunch and let me know!


Finally, for my fellow empathic healers who are ready to take your skills to the next level, master your gifts, and make money from home? here?s a free checklist for lightworkers.


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