Having Sex With The Dentist Led To More Than Just Filled Cavities

Having Sex With The Dentist Led To More Than Just Filled Cavities

This is something I have never experienced before.

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A few years ago, I needed to go to the dentist to get a couple of cavities filled.

I asked to have the gas since it makes the whole process a lot easier to deal with, plus I hate going to the dentist, and I needed to be relaxed.

While laying down soaking in all the awesome goodness released from the gas, I start to feel more relaxed than I usually do when I am being gassed.

I took it as just being extra tired since it was eight in the morning and continued to ignore it.

Once the dentist started working on my teeth, that is when things began to change.

The sense of euphoria rushed over me, and I began to feel my whole legs tingle down to my toes, and I went over the edge.

I orgasmed while the dentist was working on my teeth.

I have no fucking clue what made me have an orgasm while the dentist was filling my cavities.

I know I was more relaxed than usual from the gas, other than that I?m not sure.

I was hoping my orgasm could have gone unnoticed, but it didn?t, my dentist clued into the fact that I was orgasming in his chair and was turned on.

Yeah, my orgasm turned on my dentist, and he thought it was the hottest thing ever.

Good thing he works in an office behind closed doors, or things would have been very awkward.

My dentist had sex with me while lying in the dentist?s chair, which made me feel like I was in a porno.

After my cavities were filled and the gas was starting to wear off, my dentist brought up how he noticed I had an orgasm.

I was so embarrassed that I was scrambling trying to find the right thing to say that he hurried and said, ?It?s alright, I thought it was hot, and it even turned me on.?

I was shocked, shocked that my dentist got turned on by the fact that I orgasmed during my dental procedure, and shocked that he even admitted it to me.

On the plus side, my dentist is an attractive man who happened to be single and several years old than me.

He locked the door then came up to me and started rubbing my legs.

I can?t tell you how good his touch felt even with pants on, and I started feeling the sensation I felt before begin to arise.

My dentist pulled down my pants and his then went to town fucking the daylights out of me that I reached another orgasm but this time it was more intense.

While having sex with my dentist, I couldn?t help but feel like we were in a porno. That?s probably because of all the pornos I?ve watched that involved dentist fucking.

Having sex with my dentist made me squirt for the first-time during orgasm.

I have never squirted during an orgasm ever, so this was a surprise to me.

I?ve read a lot of articles in magazines and online about women squirting, but I have never experienced it myself until I had sex with my dentist.

Sex with my dentist wasn?t any different from the other times I have had sex; the only reason I could think of why I squirted with him was the sense of anxiety of getting caught.

Dentists having sex with their patients is frowned upon, and they could get in a lot of trouble for it.

That is why I believe I squirted for the first-time during orgasm, and it made my orgasm more exhilarating.

I learned a long time ago to love every part of my body.

The female body is beautiful and amazing, and I love experiencing new ways to use my body for pleasure.

When I was younger, I would have been petrified to squirt during orgasm since I would have found it to be embarrassing and gross.

The fact that I experienced squirting when I was older gave me the chance to have a sense of pride over my body and of what my body can do.

Women everywhere shouldn?t feel embarrassed about their bodies since female bodies hold so much power.

Our bodies produce pleasure in men and ourselves, and our bodies carry a baby for nine-ten months and experience childbirth.

Our bodies are amazing, and we shouldn?t take them for granted, so we must learn to love our bodies, but I do understand that sometimes it?s hard to accept our bodies as they are.

I believe if we look for new ways to pleasure our bodies and bring excitement into our sex lives, we?ll start to love our bodies and everything it can do.

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