Having Sex With A Larger Lady

Having Sex With A Larger Lady

With minor adjustments, sex with a bigger woman can be phenomenal

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Let me just put it out there right now, I love having sex with larger women.

My sweet spot is US size 14?16 for sure, but the ladies who are size 18?24 are also women that I enjoy spending time having adult cuddles with.

Having said that, there are a few things that you do need to keep in mind though when you?re in a position to have sex with a larger sized woman.

Many Larger Women are Self Conscious About Their Weight

If you?ve ever met a human woman, you?ll know that our modern western society has created a perfect storm where virtually every single woman has been made to feel inadequate for most of her life about something.

Weight is a big one.

Go on Twitter, fat-shaming is probably one of the last humiliation and bullying tactics that you can get away with on there. People a few months ago told journalists that they should ?learn to code? and they had their accounts banned, but if someone posts a picture of a plus-sized model, anything goes.

As a result, many larger sized women don?t see themselves as sexual beings or worthy of having great sex, which is an absolute tragedy.

But it doesn?t need to be like this.

If you start to date or look to hook up with a lady who has a bit more of her to love, embrace it, but don?t try to change it.

Don?t comment about what she eats. Don?t tell her how pretty she?d be if she lost five pounds. Don?t ask her to wear a different article of clothing because it makes her look thinner.

It?s very likely that she has all of that stuff going on inside her head already.

Tell her what you like about her. Compliment her appearance. Let her know that you see her and appreciate her as a sexual being.

Make her feel special.

Don?t Fetishize Her Without Telling Her

Some guys have a fat fetish. Let?s call it what it is ? they are chubby chasers with a particular kink.

There?s nothing wrong with that.

But you have to share that with the lady upfront.

I?ve known some larger sized women over the years who?ve found this really emotionally damaging.

They meet a guy, he seems interested in her, they develop a relationship, she?s excited that he finds her sexy, and then the guy starts getting weird about her size.

One woman I knew through work, she was about 250lbs and a size 22, she was dating a guy for about two months before she realized that he was intentionally trying to fatten her up.

They would go out for dinner, he would order her favourite dish and dessert, and then he?d try to share it with her during the entire evening.

He would go over to her house and bring a bucket of KFC with him.

When she confronted him about it, he admitted it and said that his perfect scenario would be for her to be 400lbs and unable to go to work anymore. He said he would take care of her every need.

I?ve heard stories from other women who dated men who like ?squashing? and ?belly flops?.

Every single woman who has mentioned these things to me felt degraded by it because the guys in question tried to emotionally bond with them before springing their fetish on them.

Don?t do that.

Don?t Be Afraid To Touch Parts of Her Body

Most larger sized women will tell you that men don?t like touching their stomachs or they won?t gear near a pocket of cellulite on their ass or legs.

This is something that these women notice during sex.

They want you to touch all of them and enjoy every inch of their body.

It?s funny, most bigger women will tell you that they have no trouble getting men to touch their breasts or their ass ? we fellas are kind of predictable in that way.

From my personal experience, when you take the time to explore all the parts of your woman?s body, even when there is more of it to explore, they enjoy the sex way more.

And you know what happens when your lady friend enjoys the sex more??? YOU ENJOY THE SEX MORE!

Understanding Physical Limitations

I have been with women from US size 0 through to 24 and it goes without saying that the experience is much different across that spectrum.

When you?re with a woman who is a size 4, you think nothing of moving her around, pinning her legs back behind her ears, and if you?re a bigger, stronger guy like myself, you can literally just pick her up and carry her around if the moment calls for it.

Well, as you can imagine, with larger sized women, that?s not always the case.

I think when you start getting over say size 10, you need to be a bit more deliberate with what you?re doing.

I?ve been with some incredibly nimble and flexible size 14 women and some very immobile and stiff smaller women but generally speaking, you have to be more thoughtful about women who are a bit larger sized.

The key is communication.

If you want a bigger lady to hop on top and ride you, then you have to clearly tell her that and let her get to a position that works for her. You may need to reassure her that everything will be fine, but once you?re both in the swing of it, you?ll just lose yourselves.

Just Have Fun With It

Like all good sex, the key if just to let yourself go and have a good time.

For women who are a bit bigger and have a few reservations about their weight or their body shape, that whole ?letting go? part can prove to be exceptionally difficult.

Your job is to make sure that she?s fully aware that you?re enjoying yourself and that you?re enjoying being with her. Be a bit more vocal and explain to her how this extra curve that she has on her hip is ?hot AF? or that her skin is soft and feels amazing to touch.

There?s no secret here. If you can make a woman more comfortable and more relaxed during sex, then she?s going to enjoy it more and be more into it.

Again, from personal experience, when you can get a larger sized woman to embrace her sexuality with you, it can be a genuinely spectacular event and one that you?ll never forget!


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