Guide to the Seabound Soul Tall Tale

Guide to the Seabound Soul Tall Tale

The Flameheart saga begins?

The crumbling remains of a once-proud galleon, the Blackwyche, give Shipwreck Bay its name. Now a ghostly voice calls out from the wreckage?

Tall Tales are story-based voyages in the Sea of Thieves that you can experience with your crew in the game?s shared world. They tell a narrative and involve solving puzzles, using unique mechanics, and overcoming perils.

The Seabound Soul is the beginning of the Flameheart saga, an ongoing story with new parts released several times per year. You don?t need to have completed any other Tall Tales to enjoy this saga, but if you?d rather start the fully released Shores of Gold saga, click here. XX

This guide walks through the Seabound Soul Tall Tale, detailing what to expect at each step, as well as where to find those pesky hidden Journals. This guide may contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

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How do Tall Tales work?

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  • Each Tale begins at a book in a specific location in the game world. Vote with your crew at this book to begin the voyage
  • During a Tale, hidden lore journals related to it will appear around the game world. They are used in bonus commendations and are discussed below in Rewards.
  • At various points in a Tale, you?ll reach a new ?Chapter?. This acts as a saved checkpoint, and you can continue again from this point if you fail or quit a Tall Tale early. Just propose this Chapter at the ship?s Voyage table, and any quest items you need will appear on the table.

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When you begin a Tall Tale?

?a Quest Book will appear in your Quest Radial, where you normally see voyages. If you select this book, you can turn the pages and read details of the story, which will include clues about where to sail to and what to do on the quest.

During a Tall Tale?

?you may encounter a variety of new things. Pages can be found and picked up, and then are automatically added to the end of your Quest Book for you to read. Enchanted Tools like lanterns and compasses might be needed to solve a puzzle, and these will appear in your Quest Radial (alongside the Quest Book and other voyages). You don?t lose your Quest Book, Pages, or Enchanted Tools if you get killed.

However, you might find Quest Items. These are physical items that you carry around and set down on your ship, things like keys and totems and mystic artifacts. Like other forms of loot in the game, these can be stolen or sunk, and without them you will fail the Tall Tale and have to restart at your previous checkpoint.

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Rewards for the Seabound Soul Tale

  • Complete The Seabound Soul Tale for the first time to unlock the Sword of Souls cosmetic cutlass skin.
  • Complete the Tale three total times, discover all the hidden journals, and find the three ?ashen artifacts? alluded to in the journals, and you?ll unlock the Ashen Dragon Sails ship cosmetic
  • Every time you complete the Tale, you also pocket 8,000 Gold

The locations of the 5 hidden journals are included at the bottom of this guide

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Completing the Seabound Soul

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Starting Location: Begin the Tale by voting at a Tall Tale book located in the captain?s cabin of the shipwreck on Shipwreck Bay. Sir Arthur Pendragon will explain the story and give you the Quest Book for this Tale, as well as an Enchanted Lantern that gives the ability to follow ghosts.

Chapter 1: In the direction given in the Quest Book, you?ll see ghostly ships on the horizon engaged in a battle. Sail in their direction (don?t worry, they can?t hurt you), and once you get close they?ll vanish and reappear nearby. Follow their path, and they?ll do this again several times before coming to a stop at an island where one of the ships has sunk.

Get out the enchanted lantern from your Quest Radial, and search the waters of the ghostly shipwreck. You should discover the skull of our first captain- take it to shore at this island where Pendragon is waiting to release its spirit. Doing so will reveal more of the story, and add more pages to our Quest Book.

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Chapter 2: The new pages in the Quest Book depict the next island to head, though you?ll need to decipher this location from the words and picture. Sail there, and from that island you will be able to see the ghostly ships on the horizon once again. Sail after them as before.

Eventually, the ships will stop again at an island as the Ashen Dragon has sunk the remaining ship. Using the enchanted lantern, go to shore and follow the path of the apparitions. When the path reaches a dead end, dig to reveal the next skull, which you?ll take to Pendragon once again to progress the story and reveal more Quest Book pages

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Chapter 3: These final pages will depict an island on a map, and once you figure out which island it is, sail there to pick up the trail of the ghost ship once again.

The Ashen Dragon ship has the final captains remains and stops at the final island. Go to shore, and with enchanted lantern in hand, follow the paths of the ghosts until you reach the final skull. Before you can get this skull to Pendragon, you?ll have to defeat a skeleton ambush.

Final Chapter: Give the skull to Pendragon to complete the Tall Tale.

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Journal Locations

When a Tall Tale is active, it places journals in the world for you to discover and read. These add details to the story, and also are required to unlock the final commendation of the Tale and earn a cosmetic reward.

I don?t recommend finding journals on your first play through of a Tale, as you may have to sail out of your way and distract from the adventure and story!

If you prefer to discover the journals on your own, stop reading now. If not, here?s where you can discover each one:

  • Shipwreck Bay- right in the ship?s captain?s quarters where the Tale first begins
  • Shiver Retreat- on top of a barrel near the water?s edge in the middle of the island
  • Liar?s Backbone- near a craggly dead tree
  • Scorched Pass- on a rock near the center/east side of the island
  • Flintlock Peninsula- on the northern of the island?s three ?landmasses?. From the graveyard to the north, head up the hill headed southwest and the journal is on a stool near some barrels.

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Side Quest: Ashen Artifacts

The Second Hidden Journal details three islands where the crew of the Ashen Dragon buried Ashen Artifacts. The islands are:

  • Tri-Rock Isle
  • Cinder Islet
  • Cursewater Shores

While embarked on the Tall Tale, sail to each of these islands and search them using the enchanted lantern. You?ll find the apparition of an Ashen Dragon crew member burying their artifact- dig here to find the treasure.

There is a commendation for discovering all three Ashen Artifacts, and it is required to unlocking the final cosmetic reward.


The three Ashen Artifacts can be sold to any Gold Hoarders for gold (roughly 2000 gold total) but they will vanish when the Tale ends or is cancelled. Make sure to sell these items BEFORE completing the Tale!

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There you have it! Hopefully this guide helps unlock the mysteries of the Seabound Soul tale. If you?re ready to find out what happens next, head over to our Guide to the Heart of Fire Tall Tale!

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