Guide to Revenge of the Morningstar Tall Tale

Guide to Revenge of the Morningstar Tall Tale

Graymarrow?s curse?

A ship whose crew were cursed by a Skeleton Lord. Does its wreck hold clues to the Shores of Gold??

Tall Tales are story-based voyages in the Sea of Thieves that you can experience with your crew in the game?s shared world. They tell a narrative and involve solving puzzles, using unique mechanics, and overcoming perils.

Revenge of the Morningstar is the eighth part of the Shores of Gold saga. To start from the beginning, check out our guide to The Shroudbreaker.

This guide walks through the Revenge of the Morningstar Tall Tale, detailing what to expect at each step, as well as where to find those pesky hidden Journals. This guide may contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

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Rewards for Revenge of the Morningstar

  • Complete the Tale for the first time: Morningstar Hull ship cosmetic
  • Complete the Tale 5 times and discover all hidden journals: Morningstar Figurehead ship cosmetic
  • Every time you complete the Tale, you also pocket 8,000 Gold

The locations of the 5 hidden journals are included at the bottom of this guide

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Completing The Revenge of the Morningstar

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Starting Location: The book where you can vote to begin this tale is by the shipwright on Daggertooth Outpost

Chapter 1: The Quest Book describes a ship wreck at an island, go there and search for more pages to pick up. One of the pages will tell you where to dig up a Chest. Inside the Chest, you?ll get more pages, and temporarily get a new cosmetic outfit.

Chapter 2: Travel to Sanctuary Outpost to find Tracy the barmaid- you?ll need to figure out how to get her to share her info. She?ll tell you one island to go to, and to talk to Tyler- Tyler tells you another island you?ll need to go to, but he can?t remember the name properly. You?ll have to decode his true meaning from the distorted name he gives you.

At each of the islands, you?ll encounter skeletons to battle. Once you do this, you find a page for the Quest Book with a coded message. Solve the code to get a Quest Item at each of the two islands.

Chapter 3: The location to take the two items is a puzzle, somewhere hidden in the pages you acquired at the last two islands. Once you solve this location, bring your two treasures to an altar, which will initiate a fight against Captain Graymarrow. Defeat him to get a piece of the Shroudbreaker

Final Chapter: Take the Shroudbreaker piece back to Sandra at Daggertooth Outpost to complete this Tale.

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Journal Locations

When a Tall Tale is active, it places journals in the world for you to discover and read. These add details to the story, and also are required to unlock the final commendation of the Tale and earn a cosmetic reward.

I don?t recommend finding journals on your first play through of a Tale, as you may have to sail out of your way and distract from the adventure and story!

If you prefer to discover the journals on your own, stop reading now. If not, here?s where you can discover each one:

  • Barnacle Cay- in the crate on top of a barrel
  • Sanctuary Outpost- inside the tavern
  • Cannon Cove- on a stool on the southern upper ridge, near the ammo box
  • Sunken Grove- Northeast side by the lantern
  • Marauder?s Arch- Western side up high near a cannon

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Congratulations on completing Revenge of the Morningstar! Check out our guide to the Shores of Gold to continue the saga!

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